A Quick Glance at the iScooter from iSinWheel

The iScooter is an adult-sized e-scooter with a max range of 21.7 miles which also happens to be its max speed. It’s a pretty powerful scooter given its size, with sturdy construction and a solid frame. It sports a 350W motor that delivers responsive acceleration and superior hill-climbing ability. Some of its key features include:

  • Wet Weather Riding
  • Climbing Hills
  • Loads of up to 120kg
  • Made for novice and advanced riders alike

It has some lovely alternative features including a handy smartphone USB charge port on the handlebar, a click-lock folding mechanism to ensure your scooter stays compacted when stored, in fact, it’s practically built for travel. Its double rear suspension system ensures a soft ride no matter how bumpy the road is. The powerful front and rear LED headlights ensure night riding is extremely safe, and the built-in mudguards ensure the tires absolutely refuse to get gunked up with mud and debris. It has a built-in bell, a multi-functional LED display, and integration with the MiniRobot App, letting you control everything from the current speed, cruise control, headlights, locking the scooter, and more. The handlebars are coated in a nice foam, and it sits on solid anti-puncture honeycomb tires. It’s graded at IP54 Waterproofing and can be used in puddles and raid freely. It’s got three-speed modes, a four to six hour charging time. It functions via a front-wheel drive, uses a thumb press for its accelerator, and has both an EBAS electronic brake on the front wheel, and a rear disc brake on the back wheels. 

Final Thoughts

Design-wise this is one stylish e-scooter, and perfect for a commute or casual ride. The safety features are a fantastic touch, and it comes with an extremely generous warranty as well as quick shipping in two to seven business days! It’s currently on sale and you can pick it up at iSinwheels digital storefront.

Pick up the iScooter Max Now from iSinWheel

Disclaimer: The price in this article was written at the time of sale. Prices are subject to change. 


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