Winners of the Amazon Gift Card Newsletter Giveaway

If you were a newsletter email subscriber you got notified about a special giveaway where 10 random people who were followers of both our email and Amazon Influencer store would be chosen to win a $20 Amazon Gift card. This giveaway was exclusive to email subscribers and served as a loyalty reward for remaining email fans, since many of my giveaways are on Discord and on the site, I wanted to ensure that email subscribers had a big bonus for remaining a subscriber as well. In addition to this giveaway, I have been choosing random email subscribers to win Amazon gift cards every month as well, but you are only eligible if you stay a subscriber and receive our monthly emails or you wouldn’t be in the drawing.

So Congrats to the 10 Random Fans who were chosen from the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

  • Wouter Zelle
  • Pierce Shifflett
  • Michelle Ulrich
  • Ryan Pahota 
  • Candice Garcia
  • Anne Bussel
  • Tina Farnham
  • Richard Dinwiddie Jr
  • Jeff Tish
  • Stephanie Vollowitz

Remember to be a subscriber of our newsletter and you are automatically entered for a chance to win a random Amazon gift card each month. Check your spam folder and add any emails to your address book so they don’t get marked as spam.

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01/26/2022 Amazon Deals of the Day - 9 hours ago
Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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