Reviewed Some ITD ITANDA USB and HDMI Cables

So the Amazon store ITD ITANDA recently contacted us and asked if we needed some USB Extender cables or HDMI cables in exchange for testing them and we were more than happy to oblige as there is always a need for more cables.  Opal was send the 10′ USB Extender cable which allowed him to use his controller and other USB devices extending their range, and it turned out to be an excellent option for extending the range of USB Webcams or other USB devices where the cord is fixed and you can’t just simply buy a longer cord.

Review of the ITD ITANDA 10′ USB Extension Cable

Meanwhile I was sent a 25′ HDMI 2.0 4K capable cable and tested it with of course the PlayStation 5 to ensure that it was able to deliver video and signal through the 25′ cable from my living room TV to my PC monitor.  What I didn’t realize is because my monitor is 2560×1440 the PlayStation5  can only support 1080P or 2160P and is incapable of rendering in 2560×1440 at all, so I wasn’t able to push the resolution up to 4k during my cable test, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work for 4k based on my 1080P HDMI testing and sound testing.

Review of the ITD ITANDA 25′ HDMI 2.0 Cable


Note: The ITD ITANDA store has plenty of cable types and both cables reviewed pass the initial quality test and if they don’t survive after several months with expected durability we will update our review them. So far 2 separate cables were reviewed and both Opal and I compared notes and are pleased with the cables we received.

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