Top Tech For Total Home Organization

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The pain that comes with losing precious possession can be heartbreaking, whether you lost an $100 pair of earbuds or a priceless family heirloom. But what’s worse than losing your precious belongings? Not getting properly compensated for your loss when you thought you would be.

Everyone knows that insuring your home or property is important, but many do not understand the importance of a proper home inventory. Home inventories will help show the worth of a property and how much compensation is due.

To help you keep track of your belongings (and get properly compensated should something happen to them) check out the following home inventory apps that the team at Hippo has put together.


Sortly is a mobile-centric inventory app that is classified as the “rave of the moment.” The app is taking the insurance world by storm and is redefining how properties are taken care of by the owners. You will be able to visually track your items, as well as record important details like the serial number, purchase date and price warranty details. You will also be able to include up to 8 images of your property, making it easier to keep a track of them.

Memento Database

Through thousands of templates and colorful icons, Memento allows the creation of a visually stunning inventory. You have the opportunity to group your items into contrasting categories without restrictions on the amount of information you can include, with freedom to pick any template and icon of your choice.

You can also link Memento with Google doc, for increased productivity. Added in it is a search and filter option that is aimed towards making your inquiries easy to find, regardless of the time. This way, you don’t have to worry about your property whether you use one of the best business laptops or you’re a gamer on Twitch.

Nest Egg

How easy would it be to get all the information you need about an item from a simple scan? Nest egg is the revolutionary app built to do just that. The app allows you to take up to 10 HD photos of your property, scan the barcodes to allow you to find as well as save the product. It can also remind you to return borrowed items and pay your insurance premium. The only drawback which is common to all like-minded apps is that it only works for iOS, so android users can’t take advantage of the ease of QR codes.

My Stuff Pro

My stuff Pro is one of the most transparent inventory apps out there. The app doesn’t just allow for the creation of home inventory but also the organization of your life. It comes with an auto-sync feature that allows the sharing of data across all devices and with acquaintances. 

Like the Nest Egg, you can also scan its bar codes to auto-fill the product details. The app has a plan for paid and free users. While paid users can enjoy the unlimited existing categories, the inventory app will give them the opportunity to create their own categories to track their items in a way that best suits them. Although the free users have all the wonderful features of the paid users, they are only limited to 15 items.

Magic Home Inventory

Do you have a lot of properties and you’re on a lookout for a great inventory app? Magic Home inventory is an app that is developed to give users the ability to organize their home inventories across multiple locations. It comes with an advanced search feature to hasten up the location of items easily, so you won’t have to worry about losing your wireless earbuds ever again. The import/export feature gives users the opportunity to transfer their inventory to another device and location, and it comes with a custom camera.

Inventory list 

Are you worried about not finding your items when you’re in a hurry? Inventory list has been made specifically to take that issue. It comes with a smart tracker built to help you find your items whenever you need them. The app then allows the grouping of properties into lists which will help you keep an accurate record of all items, and help lessen stress that comes with losing your precious belongings.

For more important information on the best apps to get your home inventoried and organized, check out the infographic from Hippo home insurance below!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.