iTunesKey Review : Recover your lost iTunes backup password

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Password. This one thing helps you secure all of your personal data. But what happens when you don’t remember your password? Well, in most cases, you can recover your password easily by answering your security questions or by having a backup recovery email. But what about an offline backup? Suppose you have backed up your iPhone/iPad data to your PC through iTunes and had it encrypted with a password so that no one could steal your data. But after some time, something happened to your phone and you lost all your data. You go back to your PC and turn on iTunes to recover your backed up data only to find that it asks for your password which you don’t remember anymore. What do you do now? You might be thinking that you’re screwed now that you don’t remember the password anymore and there’s no way to recover it since everything is saved offline. Well, your search browser sent you to the perfect place to find your solution. Today, we will be looking at the iTunes Key software which will help you recover your forgotten iTunes backup data.

Video Showcasing iTunesKey

Below you can check out my video review of the iTunesKey software where I have shown exactly how this software works and helps you crack the password on an iTunes backup.

The iTunesKey software is pretty simple and has a very easy to use interface. On the top, you have to first select the iTunes backup file. You will have to search for the “manifest” file inside the backup folder. For me, the software automatically found the backup location so I didn’t had to specify the location, so it definitely saved me some time. There are three ways in which you can recover your iTunes backup password. The first one is the brute force attack, second is the mask attack and the final one is the dictionary attack. Let’s talk about each of them in detail.

Brute Force Attack

This is the most advanced and time consuming method to recover your password. But, this will be your best choice to recover the password if you have absolutely no idea what your password was. The brute force attack will try each and every possible combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Now depending on your password length, this might take you hours or even more than a day since this method will try all the possible combinations. So the longer the password, the longer its going to take. Once you have selected the manifest file and clicked on next, you will be asked for your password length. So if you have a basic idea of how long your password was, you can input the numbers there. So if I know that my password was at least of 5 characters, then I will input 4 in the minimal length and a higher number in the maximal length. So this will save me some time because the software wont have to search for a password between 1-4 characters. The next are the character sets. You can select whether you want the software to search for combinations consisting of lowercase and uppercase letters, special symbols, digits, space, and you can even select a particular symbol that you want the software to search. So this will save the software quite a lot of time if you knew that your password only had lowercase letters since it wont be searching for combination with other characters. Here you can see that the software was able to find my 4 character unique password and it took the software around 5 hours to find the correct password.

Mask Attack

So if you remember part of your password, then you can set a mask with the “?” symbol after typing the part of the password that you remember. For example, if the password is “bluetooth” and you only remember that your password started with “blue”, then you can type blue and ? after that. So what you will type is blue?????. This will be the most effective solution for you if you have a clue of what your password starts with. This will significantly improve your chances of recovering your password.

Dictionary Attack

Just like the name says, the dictionary attack will search for all the words and phrases available in the dictionary and find your password in no time. So if you have a password like “smile”, “happy”, “excellent”, or even a word like “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis“. Yes! That is an actual word. As long as the word is from a dictionary, the software will have no problem in finding your password.

So this software majorly depends on your GPU. So if you have a good graphics card, then the software will have a significant boost in decoding the password. Don’t fret if you don’t have a good graphics card. The software will still get the job done, it will just take more time. And honestly if you ask me, it’s really good that Top Password decided to keep the software GPU accelerated since most of you guys will have a graphics card which is generally better than your CPU (Processor).

Well, this basically covers everything the software has to offer. It’s a small and simple software but it definitely gets the job done. I tried various passwords and the software managed to find the password each and every single time. I don’t see any reason to not give this software full marks. The software is priced at $20, and considering all the important data that you have backed up on your PC, it’s definitely worth spending the money. So go check it out and let me know if this software helped you out or not.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.