Shrink Wrap Machine Sizes for Products

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Aside from distributing a fantastic product or service, your production operation is also important for your business. So, identifying what size of shrink wrap machine your business need is one of the best ways to start your business.

On the other hand, shrink wrapping machines are available in different sizes and types. In addition, they have also different wrapping speed. Choosing which kind of shrink wrap machine is suitable for your business requires a lot of considerations. As what was mentioned a while there are several types of shrink wrap and for sure some of them will meet your business needs.

However, if you are wrapping different sizes of boxes then you should opt for a shrink wrapping machine that has larger dimension simply because the smallest machine will not able to wrap larger products or boxes.

Shrink Wrap Tunnels

This type of shrink wrap machine can wrap both small and big boxes that are 640mm X 400mm. It can also wrap trays, pallets, as well as, unclearly shaped objects.

Sleeve Sealers

The Sleeve Sealers can be used to wrap small to medium size products but you will need a room for the conveyor belt. On the other hand, if you’re running a fresh meat or fish industry you may possibly use stainless steel unit or commonly known as vacuum sealer.


This shrink wrap machine is more covering and comes in both fully automated and semi-automatic. These are large machines that do several works on your behalf, however, similar to sleeve sealer you will also need conveyor belts at both trimmings, but if you are using a manual labor in monitoring the last processes you are not required to have conveyor belts.


Nonetheless, you can visit if you want to know more about shrink wrap machines and check the other sizes and types.

On the other hand, choose a shrink wrap machine depending on the largest package or box. Most importantly, don’t forget to measure your products. When talking about floor space, considering the size of shrink wrapping machine is also important. So before, you purchase a shrink wrap machine you should also measure the available space where you can place your machine and identify whether you can increase your business operations with box wrappers as well as a conveyor belt. However, you have another option, if the available space is too small then you should opt for smaller shrink wrap machine and you can change it once your business will grow or floor space becomes feasible.

Bottom Line:

Choosing the best shrink wrap machine size is not an easy task because you need to consider several things as what was mentioned a while ago. On the other, if you did not consider every part of your business distribution as well as production chain without a doubt your plans for coping and expansion with demand afterward will not able to succeed.

However, if you can’t really decide you can seek help and learn more from the best shrink wrap machine seller.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.