iVUE Horizon 1080P HD Camera Glasses Review

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This is a review of the iVUE Horizon Sport Camera Glasses 1080P which are sunglasses with a camera in the dead center slightly above the eyes.  These action camera glasses allow you to record events and keep both hands free as well as you don’t have to have the camera mounted on a helmet or bike handle which gives them a much closer to “eye level” field of view, especially when viewing objects in the distance, but I will cover the one minor issue when trying to use the iVue Horizon Glasses if you want to do close-up recording, like say POV Unboxing videos.

ivuecam (2)

Inside the box, you get the Hard Shell Case, USB Cord, A/C Charger, User Manual, Cloth Carry Bag, Lint Free Cloth, Cord (to hold glasses around your neck), Clear Plastic Lenses and a MicroSD card.  Though it is only an 8GB MicroSD Card and I would put in a 16GB or 32GB MicroSD card to have increased capacity instead.  The camera itself is a 5MP CMOS Camera and records H.264 MOV files which it will drop in 3 minute segments.  I wish this could be altered, but no matter how long you record you will always get 3 min files in the output folder.

On the bottom side of the glasses you will find the Wi-Fi on/off switch, the MicroSD card port and the USB Charging port.  Once you have the camera glasses charged you can simply press the gray button on the right side and it will beep when it starts recording as well as flicker a blue light to indicate it is recording.  Press the button again to stop and it will again give you an audible beep when it stops recording.

There is a slight delay in the start and stop times, so make sure you leave a pause before you start the action or start talking when you first press the button.  Again, I highly recommend you pair the glasses with your iPhone or Android iVUE app so you can see what the camera sees  and get used to the field of vision first.

First I will show you a showcase taken when I went to the beach with the iVUE Horizon Sport Camera Glasses 1080P.

Now, when I did a Geekfuel unboxing with the kids while wearing the iVUE Horizon Sport Camera Glasses I recognized that the field of view as above my current eye level, and this made it so I had to tilt my head much lower than I would normally in order to make sure what I was looking at was properly in the field of view of the camera.  Note, this is where the iVUE app shines on your mobile phone, it is important to experiment with the iVUE app and get used to the field of view, and you can also see what the camera glasses see in real time which allows you to fine tune your view and make sure you are capturing exactly what you want in frame first.

Finally, if you want to change to 60fps and 1280×720 resolution you can edit the camera’s properties files by connecting it via USB.  The file you want to edit is called SETTINGS.txt in the root folder of your glasses.

At the top of this file you will see your configuration settings:values, and you can see instructions for what they are and options at bottom part of file.  So for 30fps or 60fps you simply change VideoSwitch from 0 which is 1080p and 30fps to 1 which is 720p and 60fps.

But you can also tweak some other settings like sharpness, quality (affects video file size), and exposure/light frequency to help adjust to different outdoor settings.

iVUE Horizon 1080P HD Camera Glasses Video Review

Again, the two only real issues I had with the iVUE Horizon 1080P are the fact it drops many 3 minute files, which require you to piece them together and can be time consuming if you just want to consolidate and combine, but also the fact that the viewing angle is slightly above target when looking at objects right in front of you.  I almost would have preferred if they had dual lenses on the left and right side of the camera exactly at eye level and combined to a single video image if possible, or if they could have simply slid the lense down about 1/2 an inch.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.