June Horror Block unboxing


Horror Block is a new monthly subscription service that is run through NerdBlock.   I am a huge horror fan and love what NerdBlock does so I thought I would give this one a go. It costs $19.99 a month but the value is usually worth it so lets see what they sent.


Everything is nicely packed as it is with NerdBlock. I have never had a problem of damaged items which is good. 1 time I did have a small flashlight that came in a box that did not work, but I emailed them and I was sent a new item, so they do make sure you get everything and that it works.


First up is a Pop figure. I got Michonne’s pet 1.  On the back of the box it looks like there was 5 different ones you could get from this series.  If you got a Horror crate this month, let me know what you got.


Next is my mini Bruce Campbell from Evil dead, a true classic. These figures are made by Funko. There are 15 different ones you could get. All I can say is I am glad I did not get the clown.  There are 3 different clowns in this series and I am afraid of all things clown.


There is a pack of horror stickers in the box. These are made to go onto your laptop, phone etc. These stickers are not supposed to leave any sticky residue when you do remove them.


There was a gag toy. Reminds me of stuff I would get from the IT store in the early 90’s. I miss that store.  The soap just looks like a regular hotel soap, but when someone starts to lather it turns into foamy blood.


At the bottom there is a magazine called Rue Morgue. It is about all things horror. They have teamed up with Horror Block and will be included in upcoming months as well.


Last but not least is the monthly t-shirt. Nightmare on Elm street is my all time fave and can’t wait to wear this one. You will always get a shirt that fits as you choose your size when you sign up.  The t-shirts are always great quality and make it worth getting the box just for this alone. I have not had any problems with shrinkage or fading.

Let me know if you got something different than I did.  If you are interested in signing up, July is now open to join. There are limited subscriptions per month so make sure to sign up early on their site https://nerdblock.com/horror



All pics are owned by Lynda Tomkinson


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