Keep thieves away with the REOLINK 4K surveillance camera pack

Do you need a pack of surveillance cameras to use outside the home to keep thieves away?

While you sleep it is common for thieves to want to get some free stuff, so it is important to keep an eye on them. When thieves detect security cameras, the chances of theft drop considerably, so installing good security cameras is essential in our homes. Unlike previous years outdoor cameras often featured failures caused by rain, sun, or wind, this has changed with the advancement of technology and you can now find cameras that are capable of withstanding rain, so they are certainly a great option to consider. Today’s surveillance cameras are not only capable of recording but include useful features such as motion detection, so it will now be easier to detect humans at night, plus the recording quality is usually superior to the old cameras, but there are still manufacturers that sell poor quality outdoor cameras. Another aspect to keep in mind is that modern cameras are also easier to install and usually offer greater convenience, so you won’t need to install a bunch of cables.

A good option that you should take into account is the REOLINK 4K surveillance camera pack. It is a pack of 2 surveillance cameras ideal for use outside the home. This pack will certainly help reduce the chances of theft, but even if that happens, you can get evidence so you can give it to the police. Next, I will write about the most interesting features of this pack of cameras.

Features of REOLINK 4K outdoor surveillance cameras

Keeping an eye on your home will no longer be a problem with the REOLINK 4K surveillance camera pack. This pack of 2 surveillance cameras is manufactured to offer recordings of high quality, so in case of a robbery, you can obtain evidence to give to the police and thus find the criminals. The main feature of this camera pack is that it offers a recording quality of 4K ultra-HD, so unlike most cameras that only offer 1080p this pack of cameras will help each recording to be sharp, it also offers a speed of 25fps, which is incredible considering that some surveillance cameras only offer 15fps. Another interesting feature of this pack of cameras is that it is able to detect and differentiate vehicles or humans, so the cameras will be able to easily differentiate unimportant objects from real threats. The security cameras will also be easy to install, plus they can support a micro SD card up to 256GB. Another useful feature is that you will be able to view alerts from any device with an internet connection using the Reolink app. This camera pack is also rain resistant and can withstand temperatures from 14ºF to 131ºF


If you feel that your home could be the victim of a theft you should consider the REOLINK 4K camera pack. This pack of 2 cameras will be ideal to be placed outside the home, they also offer a high image quality, so you can get valuable recordings in case a theft occurs.

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