Showcasing the DEERC Mini Drone D23

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            With a built in camera you can play spy with the best of them, because the Deerc D23 can take photographs and shoot videos. Operate the camera from your phone, and using the One Key Takeoff to assist you should make getting it into the air more a matter of pressing a button than testing your patience. And there’s an emergency stop feature for those worried about operator safety. Spare the thought – the D23 has you covered. With the focus on performance the D23 can recharge its batteries quickly, reducing the stress of electrical anxiety.

            The drone’s lightweight, at that: It’s fairly comparable to an egg. And of all the bizarre things, this glowing egg can Circle Fly too. Angel halos for everybody! The D23 comes with 4 extra propellers too, in case one gets lost. Coming with a handheld game console-like controller is a bonus. Easy to use, and fairly simple once you get the hang of it. That said, the flipping feature is one of my favorites to mention for some obvious reasons, and maybe some less obvious. Sweet flip bro! And if you think that’s where all the fun and good humor ends, you’re wrong! This thing even gets rave reviews on Youtube for crying out loud!

            And the D23 is very responsive to user inputs – good for play and user friendly. The rubberized sides help to prevent injury to the user further, if the emergency stop wasn’t already promising for user safety. Many can attest to the safety of the drone around any operator, and they also attest to the safety measures of the D23 that prevent this champ from staying down and out when it comes in for a crash landing. And that boomerang function I mentioned before can make the drone often be seen bouncing off walls, being thrown numerous times, and coming back completely fine – reliably on every single rebound without issue.

            But that said, this quad-copter comes with some blinding lights, and it’s best not to put them too close to your eyes. Pair that with the circle fly, and you’ll be seeing some stars. Guaranteed to be the life of the party at your local rave – and an eternal menace to the elderly taking naps in their chairs – the D23 is your own pocket full of battery power. With great power comes great responsibility, and come the hopes of many that you’ll just put the thing down already! Alas, Deerc hasn’t yet found the cure for drone devised disobedience (or addiction)… yet.

            Maybe one day, but until then we have the D23 – and it’s really good if you just want to fly for fun, start a rave, annoy your elders, or even get a toy that brightens up someone’s day in more ways than one. And while the Amazon page says operation is as easy as pie, I’d contend it’s more like having your cake and eating it too – and it’s pretty good cake, to be sure.

If you’re interested, see the Amazon product now.

            Ever wondered what you’d get if you crossed a quad-copter with a glow stick? Wonder no more! With the Deerc D23 you can get a little more bright when you fly at night. With five flight modes, from altitude hold, headless mode, and 3 speed modes to adjust, the D23 performs well in a number of settings. And this gift keeps on giving with five light modes in addition to boomerang functionality when thrown, and durable design to withstand the wear and tear of those dreaded crashes. And that’s not the half of it either!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.