Kids Should Be Taking Summer School Programs

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Okay, this article title is about Summer School but more specifically I want to tell you the benefits of why teenagers especially should be taking summer school programs and work toward a career in the video game industry if they have indicated that is the path that they want to pursue.  If your child wants to pursue a career in video games rather than dismiss it as a hobby you should try to encourage them, not everyone will make it as an entertainment streamer but if they are encouraged to take courses that may be applicable to the video game industry as well as other industries this can make them more marketable and have a fall back.  Even if they pursue being an entertainer they should be encouraged to pick up various technical and design skills which can only benefit them no matter what.

Let’s say you wanted your kid to grow up and be a doctor or study medicine, you can have them join a psychology summer school because believe it or not, even video game companies hire psychologies as they are leveraged to not only help create games that are more rewarding but have a more unique understanding on behavior and what can be implemented/designed to help gamers enjoy a game more.  Or even work on games that have real benefit for improving memory, helping fight brain age related diseases and disorders or help treat other conditions.  There is a larger crossover with almost any field and the video game industry.  For example surgeons and doctors are consulted to make sure games like Surgeon Simulator are accurate and other types of games, Veterinarians are consulted on games about cats and other animals.

Having around 2 months off from school during the summer should not be idly wasted and should instead focus on helping build them toward a career or at least develop new skills, though I would scale this up the older your kid gets.  And work with them to start enrolling in a summer school which can be a very refreshing experience let them explore the topics they want and help show them how what some may consider boring classes or skills can help benefit them no matter any industry they want to go into.

Generally a Summer School program will have 8 weeks to complete a course and get a certificate of completion or credits, and taking something related to programming, science, graphics, design or whatever that may help broaden your child’s career ambition plans or just help build a more diverse skill-set if they don’t have any plans yet.    I mean let’s face it most people don’t really know what they want to do when they are under 20 so by having them dabble in a variety of courses and classes and skills they pick up and discover what they like and don’t like and probably just need a helping hand.

Summer school programs are entirely different than them having to do a full semester and get trapped in a subject they don’t like because their purpose is the enrichment of knowledge. They also provide assistance and extra credit to students who are keen to advance their knowledge during the summer break. You can look for game design summer programs, graphic design summer programs, video editing summer programs, journalism summer programs, videography, animator programs…etc.  Chances are there isn’t a program at all you can’t slant in some way to add to career in gaming.

So what summer programs do you think our kids or students would be interested?  I know I had my kid study HTML and Javascript one summer, and he worked on video editing during another summer.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.