What it Takes to be a Top YouTube Vlogger

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Whatever your intentions and goals are when starting your own YouTube vlog, we’re pretty sure you have something you’re passionate about what you want to get out there. But passion alone will only get you so far. There are thousands of aspiring vloggers who have great potential, but they remain stuck where they are and even decide to quit when they feel it’s not working. On the other hand, there are YouTube giants who were able to unlock the secrets of vlogging and make more than $50,000 a month thanks to their vlogs.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been struggling with your vlog for a while, the most important thing you need to do is understand how the top vloggers are playing the game. So if you want to be among the giants, here are 5 tips on how to make it.

Prepare Your Equipment

The first question any aspiring vlogger asks is what kind of equipment they should have, and that’s for a good reason. If you start comparing what you have to what the experts have, you’ll go crazy. When starting out, you should only focus on how to find a camera that works great your YouTube vlog without having to sell your kidneys. There are a lot of good cameras at suitable price ranges, and they’ll do the job perfectly.

Once you find a good camera that satisfies your needs, make a list of all of the necessary equipment you’ll need to go with it. For instance, there’s no way you can do without a high-quality mic, but do you really need a full lighting set?

Your equipment depends largely on the type of vlogs you’ll be making. If it’s something you can’t do without, you’ll probably need to buy it. However, if there are some equipment that you’ll only need to use occasionally, then renting them might be the wiser choice.

Create Authentic, Valuable, Quality Content

Needless to say, your content is the core of your whole vlog. You can purchase state-of-the-art equipment and do crazy video editing, but if your content isn’t all that interesting, then it’ll all be for nothing.

The first tip when it comes to choosing your content is to be authentic. You’ll probably find dozens of people who have tried the same idea that you thought was unique; it can be pretty difficult to come up with original content. But what makes you different from anyone else is that you’re you. You’ll have a different way of doing it, you’ll add in your unique touch, and that’s why being authentic is one of the golden rules in the vlogging world.

The second rule of content creation lies in its value. What will your audience get from watching your vlogs? What is relatable content; humor, scientific facts, inspiration, or entertainment? Your content should add something to your audience or leave them looking forward to your next post.

Speaking of anticipation, the quality of your vlog can make it or break it. Even the most authentic and valuable content will be intolerable if your quality is bad. The quality of your content depends on two factors: the quality of your equipment and settings, and how you edit your videos. Even the most established of vloggers still edit their videos themselves, as they know that the way the story turns out depends on what they make it to be. No one else can do that for them.

Test the Waters and Adapt

You might have those dreams that your first video will be a hit that kick-starts your whole career. While dreams are great and all, you need to remember to keep your feet on the ground. It’s good to give your best to your first vlog, but what’s even better is to analyze how it’s doing and look for ways to improve its performance. Always take good care to notice how your audience responds, remember to receive their feedback and note what works and what doesn’t. Your journey should be of continuous improvement, so if you feel you’re doing well, there’s never a cap to what you can achieve. Setting targets and working toward achieving them will help you stay focused and right on track.

Be Consistent

Whether you’re feeling discouraged due to lack of expected response or you’re feeling good due to your performance, the key to your success is consistency. By being consistent, you’ll keep an open port of communication with your audience. You’ll even open a new world of opportunities to reach new segments and new audiences as you get more consistent. Not only will you keep your brand alive in their minds, but you’ll notice a great improvement in your skills as a result. Whatever it is that used to take days will only take hours; you’ll slowly become much more efficient in preparing, creating, and editing your videos.

Seek Brand Partnerships

In a world where there are millions of YouTubers publishing content every day, you won’t be able to live off the ads anymore. Sure, it was once an effective strategy, but not today. Instead, many top vloggers choose to seek partnerships with famous brands. However, you need to set a solid strategy before approaching just any brand. You’ll need to make sure that you can provide the brand with the benefits they’ll be interested in. Otherwise, you might not even get any reply. A good start can be to approach brands that you actually use regularly; that way, you’ll be able to come up with proposals that will benefit both of you.

The world of YouTube is vast, and there are way too many fish trying to swim and survive in the ocean. But despite the fact that not everyone makes it, there are top YouTube vloggers who have learned the game. If they give you any sort of advice, they’ll start with how crucial it is to provide authentic, valuable, and high-quality content to engage your audience. Your equipment doesn’t have to the most expensive, but it should do the job. Once you’re out with your vlog, make sure you’re always improving and stay consistent.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.