Kindle Fire Tip: Transfer Word Documents to Your Kindle Fire

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The Kindle Fire has the native ability to read word documents.  There are several easy methods to transfer word documents to your Kindle Fire.

Option 1 – Transfer Doc to Kindle Fire via USB

If you have the Kindle Fire local to your PC, just plug it into your USB Drive and drag/drop the Word document to your Kindle Fire through File explorer.  Put the document in your “Docs” folder.


Then the document should simply open by clicking on it from the Kindle Fire menu.

Option 2 – Email Doc to Kindle Fire

To email a document to your Kindle Fire you first need to log into your Amazon account and make sure you setup approved email addresses.  These are the only email addresses that will be authorized to send documents to your Kindle Fire.  Your Kindle Fire also has it’s own dedicated email address that it will receive documents and transfer them to your Kindle Fire, these are typically for example.


Once you have your approved personal document email list senders setup, simply email the word document as an attachment to your Kindle email and your document will arrive during the next sync while your Kindle Fire is on a Wi-Fi network.

Then the doc will automatically appear in the “Docs” menu, but will also show up on your carousel as the newest item accessed even if you hadn’t opened it yet.  The Kindle Fire will also show the email of who sent the .doc file as well at the bottom of the document image.


I sent a document called “House Rules” to my son’s Kindle Fire via email which contains all chores and responsibilities around the house.

Option 3 – Use Calibre

If you are using Calibre which is a free eBook management program, you can simply add your .doc file to Calibre and transfer it to your Kindle Fire with this app as well.


Calibre can’t convert a .doc file to other formats like it can with .ePub to Kindle Fire format, but it can transfer and sync .doc files to your Kindle Fire for you if you just plug it into your computer via USB and have Calibre fired up.


Option 4 – Use DropBox on Kindle Fire

DropBox is one of the easiest cloud storage systems to use and allows you to have a folder on your cloud that is accessible from any internet connected device.  Your PC and Kindle Fire could both access the same cloud folder and transfer files between them with ease.  This is one of the easiest methods to transfer files between Kindle Fire and Computer without emailing the document, without connecting USB and all you have to do is install the free Dropbox app for your Kindle Fire and log in.  This of course assumes you setup a Dropbox account which gives you 2GB of free storage.  I use Dropbox to transfer files between my iPad 2, Kindle Fire and PC with ease.

Read this article on how to install Dropbox on your Kindle Fire manually


These are the easiest ways to transfer a Microsoft .doc file to your Kindle Fire, email is the best option if you need to send the file to somebody who is no where near a computer to plug it in and transfer it manually.  Finally you can simply have the Kindle Fire browser go to a website and download a .doc file and save it as a link locally onto the device as well if you wanted to upload the file to a website and have the Kindle Fire user download it from there.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.