Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2 Speed Test Results

So got a USB Stick and decided to mess around with transfer speeds to see if they held up to advertised rates.  The USB stick I wound up getting was the Kingston 128GB DataTraveler Elite G2 which is very inexpensive and makes for a good portable backup USB stick or a stick to transport data while on the go that you may need to use between computers.

In doing data transfer tests to see if the read and write speeds of the Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2 match up to what Kingston prints on the product page and the packaging. I used CrystalDiskMark as well as manual File Explorer drag and drop copy tests, I can say that this USB Stick from Kingston exceeds their own printed read and write speed rates in sequential reads and writes, but as with most USB sticks it has trouble with random readers and fares terribly with random writes, but random read/writes are not real world use scenario’s on how people typically use USB sticks so ignore those for the most part.

Check out Speed Tests for the Kingston DataTraveler Elite G2

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