KingYou Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds Review

These KingYou Bluetooth headphones are impressive as far as Bluetooth headphones go. As an avid hiker and weightlifter, it’s hard to find a pair that holds up through running, jumping, and a ton of sweat. Thankfully, these headphones do. For full transparency, I did not test if they are waterproof or not. Amazon says they are waterproof, but it didn’t say so on the instructions I received, so I didn’t try it.

The KingYou Bluetooth headphones come in this great green case that is easy to transport. The case also has a small clip on the side where you could attach a ring clip, string, or anything you want to use to attach. The case is also solid so your headphones will not get damaged no matter what you put them in. Included with the KingYou Bluetooth earbuds is also a cleaning cloth, so you can clean them off after a long day of use.

The headphones come with three different sizes to fit your ears (S/M/L). After thorough testing, they can certainly handle a lot of sweat and movement. Only after about an hour of sweating do they begin to slip out, but if you just dry them off real quick they hold again. The headphones also have magnets in the back of them so you can clip them safely around your neck when you’re not listening to anything or on a call. I found this to be incredibly convenient because this way you don’t lose them when you need to take them out of your ears for a bit. The KingYou Bluetooth headphones also had balanced weight so neither side weighs heavier than the other. This way, they both stay in your ears without one side constantly being pulled down on.

The microphone had a solid sound, even when outdoors. People I called could hear me loud and clear. The sound also was high quality. The bass isn’t too heavy, but that’s probably good because the vibration possibly would have made them slip out. However, music still sounds great in these.

The battery on the KingYou Bluetooth headphones lasted around 6 hours with pretty high volume. They can apparently last up to 8 hours with a slightly lower volume. The set up between my iMac with these headphones and then my iPhone with these headphones was simple and right to the point. I’ve noticed some devices struggle to connect, but these worked great. I also tested walking around my entire apartment and not once did they lose connection.

Overall, these KingYou Bluetooth headphones are solid. The wire isn’t cheap or thin. The materials are strong and will clearly hold together well over time.

I received this product at a discount for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it.  All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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