Koogeek Smart Light Bulb with Apple Homekit Support

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I have reviewed LED bulbs that have a remote control where you can change the LED to one of several pre-defined colors, but this was the first smart bulb that I reviewed that you pair with your iPhone App and HomeKit and you can control your lights and even set conditions for the bulb to be on/off and even change colors at specific times.  This bulb is the Koogeek Smart Light Bulb and it really is an amazing light bulb that works best if you pair with other bulbs in the same room and group them together in your HomeKit.

Each Koogeek Smart Bulb is fairly large and heavy but fits in a standard bulb socket.  The bulbs have the equivalent light of a 60W incandescent bulb yet only draw 8W and these bulbs deliver about 500 luments of light.  They have an awesome color temperature range of 2700K to 6000K for whether you want bright daylight or a warm candle glow type of light.  These bulbs are rated to last 25,000 hours which is 22.8 years if you run them 3 hours a day.

Each Smart Bulb from Koogeek comes with a HomeKit code you use to pair it with your Apple HomeKit, the bulb itself has it but also you can find the code in the box for when you screw the bulb in and can’t access the code.  You need to actually screw the bulb into a light and pair it with your 2.4Ghz network and iPhone.  It isn’t hard to do at all and my video shows you how I set this one up the first time which was very quick.

The only issue I have with the bulb is it only works on the 2.4ghz network which means if your phone is on a 5ghz band it can’t see the bulb unless you switch to the other wireless network.  I did find this to be annoying as almost all my devices use 5ghz at this point, so forcing them to switch to my slower Wi-Fi network was not convenient just to adjust the bulb light.  In the end it is a minor thing because you configure your bulb settings, timers, colors and you only alter your bulb colors and levels for specific reasons.

Create Mood Rooms just by changing your lights instead of having to repaint all your walls, simply glow your entire room Orange, Red, Blue or whatever.  Parties are a blast when you can change the color of your rooms and bulbs to different colors anytime you want.  These bulbs also support Siri, so you can simply tell Siri to turn on your lights and watch it change color which is an awesome feature.  One thing I have found which I can’t tell if it is a limitation of the Koogeek Home App or Apple HomeKit and not the bulbs, is they seem to be only able to be paired with 1 HomeKit device at a time.  I was not able to have both my son’s iPhone and my wife’s iPhone configure and list the bulb in both of their HomeKit’s, I had to de-register the bulb from one phone for the other phone to control it.  This is a bit of an inconvenience but still the bulb is awesome and if you want a bulb that gives you 16.7 million color choices plus includes a dimmer, and all the automation and scheduling you can setup with Apple HomeKit, this is a great bulb. You can also consider buying a smart trash can to make your home smarter.

Video Showcasing the Koogeek Smart Bulb with Apple HomeKit Support

Each bulb individually is like $36 but you get a little bit of a discount buying them in a 2-Pack which is highly recommended.  This is an awesome smart bulb and highly recommended.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.