The Krisdonia portable charger will allow you to charge your cell phone and laptop no matter where you are

Need a high-capacity portable charger to charge your laptop while you’re traveling?

When we need to travel away from home, we are likely to worry about our cell phones being discharged, especially if we plan to travel to nature, away from the city and the town. Maybe if you travel alone that is not a problem, but if you have children or young people with you, then you know that they can not go long without checking social networks, so, it is necessary to have a reliable source of energy that allows you to charge the devices. There are different ways to charge a cell phone, you could use a power bank, they are good, but they will not allow you to charge many devices and much less a laptop.  I would say that there are only two options left that will offer you good performance. You could use a portable power station or a portable charger with an AC plug.

So, what should you choose? Well, if you need something that allows you to use demanding equipment like portable air conditioners, electric chainsaws, and anything that needs a lot of power, then you’ll need a high-performance portable power plant. But if you’re just looking to charge your phone, laptop, or energy-efficient devices, then you only need a high-capacity portable charger. Prices can vary depending on mAh capacity but you could expect to spend more than $200 for a product with good specifications.

One option to consider is the Krisdonia portable charger. This is a 60000mAh portable charger, which will allow you to charge many devices without worrying about the battery. No doubt you will need to carry this on your next trip. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Krisdonia portable charger

High performance

The Krisdonia portable charger offers an incredible capacity of 60000 mAh, this amount of energy will allow you to charge cell phones many times, you can also charge laptops and you can even use a portable mini refrigerator. You can also connect any equipment that needs an AC port (make sure it consumes less than 110V/130W). You can find 2 USB ports, 1 USB Type-C port, and 1 AC port.

Fast recharge

Despite the fact that the Krisdonia portable charger has an incredible capacity of 60000 mAh, the charging time is not too high. Charging this portable charger will only take about 8 hours. An LED display shows the charge level.

Compact size so you can carry it without problems

This portable charger has a weight of 1.8kg, so you can transport it anywhere. It has a compact size of 22x15x4cm. This means you can take it camping, while traveling by car, at home, or anywhere you need reliable electrical power.

The Krisdonia portable charger is a great option to consider if you are looking for something that allows you to charge your devices several times. It will be very useful on family trips or when you want to spend several days away from home. It is a safe portable charger, with very good quality battery cells. It also includes a 12-month warranty.

You can buy this item here: Krisdonia AC Outlet Portable Charger 60000mAh 110V/130W Laptop Power Bank with AC Outlet, 2 USB QC 3.0 and Type-C for Laptop, CPAP, Drone, Projector, Smartphone and Others : Electronics

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