Showcasing the Wemax Go Advanced 1080P Laser Projector!

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Hey friends! Sitting at home? Scared to go out due to omicron? Have I got a deal for you! Stick around till the end of this article and you’ll receive a code for a very special dragonblogger exclusive discount on a new product that fulfills your entertainment AND business needs. We all know you fine folks love deals, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! (Or perhaps you would, you’re clearly an appreciator of fine writing after all.) Bulky projectors are a relic from our elementary school days, and one that isn’t quite missed! Whether you’re a teacher, a marketing executive, or just someone looking for a new way to view all your favorite media, the product Wemax has on offer for us today is quite the advanced piece of technology. Of course I’m talking about the title product, the Wemax Go 1080p Laser Projector! This fine little piece of gear packs power, versatility, and will cover any application you could think of using it for, all in a small package! I’ll be covering all the technical specs and giving my personal thoughts on them, so without further ado let’s get started!


While it’s specifically marketed towards those looking to host presentations for their business associates, a good 1080p projector is a versatile tool. The only problem is the vast majority of them are bulky, not to mention they require you to be tethered to a wall outlet which can be a hassle for just about anyone. What if your destination doesn’t even have outlets? Or they’re placed oddly in a manner that would prevent you from projecting correctly? This is an unfortunate and very real possibility, but the Wemax Go has quite the innovative solution in the form of its in-built incredibly compact battery! This is already an extremely small projector, and the fine folks at Wemax thought ahead, designing an absolutely tiny battery that practically doesn’t increase the size of the unit at all while still holding a fantastic 1.5 hours of viewing time, enough for a movie or a presentation at your job! It’s also compatible with any power bank that uses a Type-C USB, allowing you to extend your watch time while remaining portable!

On the topic of size, this model is truly pocket sized! It’s less than 1-inch thick and weighs only 1.7lbs, which is truly a marvel. That’s practically the size of some smart phones! No matter the content you can always have a powerful projector on hand for any of your needs. It sports a native 1080p resolution via the in-built imaging chipset, giving you clear images in a dark room with plenty of contrast. Regardless of if you wanna play games, watch movies, or have an important presentation the next day this projector can cover it and more, without the hassle of lugging a large projector around in a briefcase. Wemax also thought ahead, developing a companion app that allows you to easily share all your favorite moments with your friends and family with no issues.

On top of all this, the Wemax Go Advanced reproduces colors using 102% Rec. 709 despite being as portable as it is. This means it’ll reproduce everything more accurately, resulting in crisp, clean, real coloration of anything you show on it. No discoloration of pixels or anything along those lines at all. Another fantastic feature is the integrated OS that allows you to access all your favorite apps without the use of a smart phone. Watch movies, play games, and more without ever needing to connect your phone and go through the hassle of fiddling with establishing a connection for casting. While it doesn’t come with built in speakers, it supports Dual Audio Bluetooth 5.0, meaning you can stream to two audio devices at once, allowing you to set up multiple sources of sound in a room with minimal latency and lower power consumption. This is quite snazzy, and in my personal opinion a fair trade given that most integrated Bluetooth speakers really aren’t that great sounding compared to a proper soundbar.

Watch the Video Showcase of the WEMAX GO Advanced

Final Thoughts and Summary

Thanks for sticking around! Wemax produces some extremely innovative products and the Go is no exception. Between it’s sleek, compact design, reasonable battery life, the technology behind its projection (It’s actually powered by ALPD Laser Technology from Appotronics), and its ease of setup it is truly one of the most powerful projectors given its size on the market today. Images come out sharp and crisp even with some minor lighting in the room, and one feature I didn’t mention was the smart screen calibration which allows you to quickly adjust the alignment of your screen using the automatic keystone correction function making setup that much easier. I also didn’t quite talk about the ports so let me run you through those. You get a USB, HDMI, Headphone port, and a Type-C power port with the unit. All in all that offers a ton of versatility in connection types, and frankly I can’t find a poor thing to say about this product despite hours of browsing. Thanks for reading, and as promised you’ll find a code for 30% off directly below this paragraph! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

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Enter to Win the WEMAX GO Advanced Laser Projector

Enter to win the WEMAX GO Advanced Portable Laser Projector

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.