Enter to Win a LifePro Dash X Folding Exercise Bike

Looking for an affordable addition to your workout room, or a storage friendly way to workout in the comfort of your own home? LifePro is there to fulfill your exercise needs! It’s a fantastic, feature packed exercise bike that crams quite a bit of value into such an affordable product. It’s got everything you need to get going on a fitness journey to a better you! It’s got a sleek, easy to store design that brings the portability of a under desk model with the feel of a full sized exercise bike! So let me tell you why you should purchase the Dash X today!


Whether you’re an experienced biker or just looking to fill out your scarce workout routine, the Dash X has a setting for you! Eight resistance levels makes it a piece of cake to customize your workout exactly how you want it. From an uphill climb to a gentle cruise, it’s all there and waiting for you! LifePro has also included arm resistance bands to further improve your workout! The easy to read LCD screen also allows you to keep track of your workout for the smoothest possible workout! It’s that easy, just unfold and go! Lose weight, keep your blood pressure down, and reach your fitness goals with the Dash X!

Speaking of unfolding, the Dash X has a sleek design that folds to a portion of its full size. This lets you leave a small footprint in your home gym while still allowing you to get that full body work out you’re in need of! Speaking as someone who rarely has enough space in their home for something like an exercise bike, this would easily fit in my living room! So if you’re looking for an exercise bike that can easily fit your lifestyle, this is absolutely the one for you! When you’re done it’s as simple as folding it, and storing it. No disassembly required!

LifePros products are all backed by a lifetime warranty, as well as technical support, and the Dash X is no exception! LifePro puts their word behind the quality of the products they produce, and they’re a brand you can stand by for all your fitness goals. Whether it’s their elliptical, the host of wind down machinery, or something as simple as one of their bonus yoga mats they include with many of their products LifePro is quality!


Speaking from an experienced point of view, LifePro is a brand you can trust. They specialize in wellness equipment, be it exercise or recovery. They’ve did it all with cutting edge designs that are lab formulated to improve your health and wellness. To top it off, they back all their products with a guarantee of quality you rarely see with products like this on the market today.  Exercise bikes are a fantastic way to improve your overall health while not leaving your home, and while most would be expensive and unwieldy this one is a catch that I would most certainly recommend.

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Enter to win the LifePro Dash X Folding Exercise Bike

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