Kworld S28 Gaming Earbud Review

This is a review of the Kworld S28 Gaming earbuds which I spent a lot of time with using on my PS4 and my iPhone since I was recovering from surgery for over a week.  These gaming earbuds come with interchangeable buds and caps if you don’t like the color that comes on it.  So I was sent to review both the S25 and the S28 gaming earbuds, but this review will focus on the S28 ones specifically.


The S28 Gaming Earbuds have a flat cord instead of a rounded cord, this makes them extra resistant to tangling because they don’t easily wrap around themselves.  There is also 4 extra bud attachments in case the default foam ones don’t fit your ear well (which they didn’t work for my ear that well) the original ones kept falling out of my ear even though they compress, they are too slippery and work their way out of my ear by themselves while gaming.


You also get different back caps, which you can screw off and change the cap color.


Somewhat down the cord you have your control box and this includes a switch for N (Nokia devices) or all other devices, apparently you have to switch it to make it work with Nokia devices but I didn’t have any Nokia devices to test that switch with.  The volume control is a slider, yep a “slider” you slide it up and down and it smoothly glides and fades the volume up or down.  This is a welcome change to buttons that you repeatedly tap to increase or decrease volume.



I used the Kworld S28 gaming earbuds primarily on my PlayStation 4 and live streamed No Man’s Sky and other games from it, I then used it to play Hearthstone on my iPhone 6 and listen to music.  The sound quality is excellent and the volume gets loud in games and music, the range is good though like most earbuds is a bit weak in the bass area however these gaming earbuds tend to play up the bass better than many other sub $30 earbuds I have used.

2016-08-026 2016-08-027Again as mentioned you can replace the back caps with the silver caps, this is purely cosmetic if you want to have  black cap earbud sticking out of your ear or silver, I did wind up replacing them with silver and they worked fine.  Overall I really enjoyed using the Kworld S28 Gaming Earbuds, but I will say that the microphone had to be turned up on the PS4 and some of my viewers told me the mic sounded stronger on the S25 for some reason that I couldn’t figure out.  They should have been identical, in another twist I also found the S25 turned out to be more comfortable on my ear and I just liked the 9mm bullet appearance aspect of them.  So the Kworld S28 are great, but for me the Kworld S25 were just a little better (probably because of aesthetic preference) so stay tuned for the S25 earbud review next from Kworld.

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