The Last Leviathan Early Access Game on Steam

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I was asked if we would be interested in showing off The Last Leviathan for our readers, and I love helping showcase games any chance I get so I decided to give it a whirl.  The Last Leviathan was not a typical game that I plan, in this game you design and construct your own ships block by block using predefined blocks, I can only describe it like a “Minecraft Shipbuilder” but with physics because after you are finished with ship editor mode, weight and placement of block affects whether or not the vessel is sea-worthy.

Eventually the game plans to add monsters that you can face with your ships, though in this stage of the early access there was only battling other ships.  Depending on how many blocks and much weight you add to the ship, the ships become different “classes” and with the Versus mode you have to prove your skill at each class level in order to learn points to fight in larger ship classes.  The game promises floating debris, hidden treasuers, and taking out towers on coastal hills, all of which is coming in the game as it goes through development.

The Last Leviathan will have four modes to choose from (Sandbox, Battle Seas, Versus and Events, with more to come soon) and full Steam Workshop integration allows ship designs to be shared and battled with or against others who share their designs in the workshop.  Leaderboards will track your uploaded ship’s performance in battle against members of the community, and you’ll be able to Mod in many ways from Ship-AI, Cannon-AI, ship block creation and eventually Battle Seas events.

I first encountered a bug in the game when playing on “Beautiful Mode” the game had a reversed camera position.

When I first played the game, I found it very difficult and not sure why it was upside down, thinking it was normal.  This was a glitch ,and I recorded it before I finally did some Google searching and realized the game was glitched and I exited, changed graphics setting to Good and the game loaded up fine and worked.  So beware if you have an odd camera glitch where the game seems upside down.

I started playing and built larger and larger ships until I got a little more comfortable building vessels with cannons on them and sailing them around, below is some Live Gamecasting of The Last Leviathan that I did to YouTube over the weekend.  Here I show the game in creative mode where you can pretty much build anything, then I go into Versus mode where I have to design and fight with a COG Class 1, which is tricky because you can’t put very much on the boat before it upgrades to a heavier class.

I put over an hour into playing and let me tell you, I couldn’t begin to figure out how to build something this awesome.  The boats you see in the below pictures are amazingly well crafted, and it takes players who spend a lot of hours learning the physics of the game to be able to place the weight properly so when you Sail the ship, it won’t just tip over and sink, or when you accelerate it won’t find itself flinging apart the moment you take off.

The game itself is beautiful and serene, and there are some intense panic moments when you first find another ship and they start firing cannons upon you.

Again, I don’t review Early Access games, this is more like a showcase, I can tell you that there is some fun to be had in designing a ship, if you like creative building games.  The battling could be more intense, and I would like to see them add more creatures and difficulty, I do love how the water affects the ship, the rocking waves and the difficulty with steering make you feel like you are steering a heavy vessel on water.  I have seen some amazing things like ships hover over the water, and acceleration to where your ships can rocket into the air over vast distances.  See what you can create and the best way to learn is download some other boats from the Workshop and then deconstruct them, which is what I was doing to learn how to build better boats.


Release date: Out Now

Platforms: Steam/PC (coming soon to Mac and Linux)

RRP: €8.99 / £6.29

Developer: Super Punk Games

Download The Last Leviathan via Steam Early Access here

About Super Punk Games

Super Punk Games is a small independent game developer with big ideas. The team have worked hard over the years bringing other people’s games to life, and loved every minute of it, and now they’re putting all that experience into their own titles too. Super Punk Games started life as AppCrowd Ltd and was founded by former Monumental Games Ltd CEO, Rik Alexander, successfully producing games for Activision, Marmalade and Hasbro, and providing support for Dovetail Games in publishing Microsoft’s Flight Simulator on Valve’s Steam platform. Since the formation of Super Punk Games, AppCrowd continues as Super Punk Games’ work-for-hire company. After working with Appcrowd for a few months, Steve Bennett joined CEO Rik on the board as COO and Creative Director in December 2014. Together they had a vision for the company which involved re-naming to better represent that vision. So in early 2015, Super Punk Games Ltd was born. They want to create an atmosphere of security and creativity in their office in order to make the best games they can, and to do this they needed to not only continue supporting their clients but also make and publish their own games, the first of which is The Last Leviathan.


We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.