VPS Hosting with SSD Drives from InMotion Hosting

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands you probably don’t want to have to run your own dedicated servers where you would be responsible for every aspect of the system from OS patching to patching all of the software that you install and maintenance it.  This is where VPS Hosting traditionally comes in, where you get many of the benefits of dedicated hosting without the additional overhead.

Shared Hosting which is fine if you are running very small sites that are not consuming a high amount of resources, and you don’t need to serve up a lot of rich content may be a fine option.  But VPS hosting gives you usually more RAM and bandwidth and greater control of what types of applications you can host on the servers than shared hosting.  Combine that with dedicated IP and you can get more independence for your sites so that when a shared IP comes under a DDOS attack your site may not be one of the many to go down when an entire shared environment goes down.

InMotion Hosting has some very affordable and powerful VPS hosting plans that start at $29.99 per month with their introductory rates.  These plans which are the VPS-1000HA-S, VPS-2000HA-S and VPS-3000HA-S plans are flexible enough to accommodate many sites or one large site or application you plan on hosting.

The HA in the plan is High Availability and InMotion hosting leverages Virtuozzo to make sure your hosted environment is replicated across a cluster of servers.  What this means is that should your specific VPS container go down, then they can nearly instantly spin up a replacement for you at any time.  This helps reduce your downtime in the event of a catastrophic site outage.

Let’s look at the 3 VPS offerings from InMotion Hosting and see how they differ.

 The first and most blatant is all come with Free SSD drives, all hosting is done with SSD drives which means that disk IO operations are much faster than traditional hosting providers that are still using cheaper platter disk drives.  While you may think this does not matter, this actually does matter when you are using things like W3 Total Cache or other caching plugins which write content to disk and server object cache from disk in order to save space.  In most cases you are going to be leveraging disk cache to compensate for not having enough RAM to cache everything with a hosting provider and SSD drives are where you can notice a performance difference in uploading files, downloading files and even searching/querying content in your database where you may be leveraging disk caching.

You get the High Availability built in, you get free snapshots which are point in time recoveries for your VPS images so you can roll back to an entire image and make recovery faster as well.  You have a resource monitoring dashboard as well.  These are all the standard features with all plans.

When it comes to major hosting differences, the VPS-1000HA-S plan comes with 4GB RAM, 2TB monthly transfer allowance, 60GB disk space, and 2 dedicated IP addresses this is all for $29.99 per month when you purchase the entire year (you also get a free domain name when purchasing 6 months or 1 year up front).  This is a fantastic deal honestly, and the 4GB RAM and 60GB disk space are fairly generous for $29.99 per month. For $49.99 per month, you get bumped up to 6GB of RAM, 3TB of transfer data, 130GB of storage space and get 12 months of Free Launch Assist, which is 2 hours of dedicated SA support time.  Then finally for $75.99 you get 8GB of RAM, 4TB of transfer data, 200GB of storage and 3 dedicated IP addresses.

Don’t worry about too much with transfer space because you should be using a cloud caching or security service like Incapsula which caches content and actually causes your hosting provider to serve less data directly too, so don’t be fooled by the ‘unlimited’ transfer data that some shared hosting plans offer in an attempt to make them scare you away from VPS hosting.  With InMotion VPS hosting you also get unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL Databases, Optional Root access for those who want full SA access to their VM’s and you can even get Reseller access which is where you can buy the largest plan and say lease out or sell subsites to others and even have your plans pay for themselves by reselling if not make a decent profit from it!  This is something I myself have considered, as I am already sharing some hosting with some clients, and doing chargebacks but not doing any official reseller hosting.

You also get assistance migrating your sites from your current hosting provider with InMotion Hosting, they will help you with 30 Free CPanel account transfers for a limited time.  I can honestly tell you when I transferred many of my smaller sites to an InMotion Hosting plan last year, they did all the work for me, they logged into my old provider, migrated all of the content and I just sat back and in less than 2 days 4 of my smaller WordPress blogs were migrated to InMotion Hosting for me without me having to provide anything but access to my previous hosting providers.  This saved me so much time and effort, and honestly, I HATE moving my sites between hosting providers and this service made it so much less painful.

If your sites have outgrown the shared hosting environment, either because you are suffering from more outages than you want, keep going over high CPU or RAM utilization or just simply want better performance, then consider switching to InMotion VPS Hosting today.  I personally am using InMotion Hosting for several of my sites, though I will say Dragonblogger.com isn’t hosted with them yet, I am considering it because I am paying $49.99 right now and not getting nearly as much RAM or Storage with my current plan as InMotion Hosting is offering.

If you have any questions about InMotion Hosting let me know, again I am a user of their services and have been for over a year.  I also know and have used quite a number of other hosting providers, I am not simply touting their services though I am an affiliate with them I genuinely support and stand by the quality of their hosting and response times for helping me when I do have issues.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.