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I spent many hours over the past several years blogging reading everything I could about pay per click advertising just to try and figure out how to maximize my earnings and revenue streams from banner ads and other advertising programs.

The good news is that most of this information can be found at a single source called Everything Pay Per Click where you won’t be inundated with sales pitches, eBook programs but instead just be presented with dozens of articles all about the advertising behind PPC and ECM.


Articles about how to setup and use Google Conversion Tracking, to performing keyword research. The site though fairly new has some useful information already and has enormous potential for the specific focus of providing information about pay per click and ways to optimize, research and learn more about leveraging programs around pay per click.

In my own experience optimizing AdSense has been done strictly by trial and error and it took me the months of experimenting with banner sizes, locations, placement to improve the income earned each month.  I also strive to make sure I try and find the best keywords for both earnings and search traffic for articles I write to improve click through and banner ad match when it comes to AdSense.

There are so many PPC programs on the web and some work better than others, but one thing is common with all PPC programs is that traffic volume combined with focused targeting always equal the highest conversion rates and payouts.  A portal site such as mine has a little bit of an issue with AdSense because it is so unfocused on a niche and there are so many topics covered, this means while I still have over a hundred thousand pageviews per month I have a relatively low CPC on AdSense earnings overall due to lack of targeting specific high payout keywords and focus.

If you want to do some more reading about all things pay per click, then head on over to Everything Pay Per Click and let them know the Dragon Blogger sent you.

-Justin Germino

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