Live Interactive Testing Your Website with LambdaTest

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

If you run a website at all and it doesn’t matter if it is a store website or a blog, you want to make sure that your website renders properly on as many devices as possible.  This means having a dynamic or mobile focused theme that can resize or even re-skin your site to make it more mobile friendly.  But if you are like me and run your own self-hosted WordPress blog and you aren’t a company with a staff of web designers you likely are using a paid or free WordPress them and do much of the configuration, testing yourself.  This is where a service like LamdaTest can help, this site offers you the ability to live test your website so that you can see how it looks across various browser and OS platforms.

You can even use LambdaTest for free as their free plan allows 60 minutes of live dynamic testing per month as 6 10 minute sessions.  You simply enter the URL you want to test and then select the configurations you want to see how your website looks on.  You can choose browser platforms like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, IE and Safari.  You can also even choose the specific version of the browser which is a nice touch.  You can choose the OS itself and finally the screen resolution to make sure your frames and images are sizing properly for smaller or larger screen sizes.

While running a real time browser test of your website with LambdaTest you have 10 minutes for each free plan session to adjust and change settings on the fly like switching mobile devices from the Google Pixel XL to the iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S8+.   You can choose the viewport size of the phone as well and resolution.  You can even switch between portrait and landscape mode for your website browser testing to see how it renders no matter how the phone is laid out.

You get a full report of each test you run and you can take screenshots and even record video of the session so you can come back and troubleshoot or see how something looked later as well.  Now, LambdaTest even allows you to test non-active or development sites that are not deployed yet by leveraging their SSH tunneling which creates a proxy that allows you to test sites that aren’t publicly hosted as long as your computer has access to it. LambdaTest claims to simulate over 2000+ Real Browsers (including versions) and I tested about a dozen of them during my free trial testing of the service.

You can configure LambdaTest to auto-generate screenshots of each page as well so you can breeze through clicking and come back and examine the images later to maximize your session testing time efficiency.   They have a WordPress plugin and Chrome plugin to help automate testing from your WordPress Dashboard and integrate with various bug tracking systems in case you want to log an instant ticket in Trello, Slack, Jira or one of the several other bug tracking systems you are using.

Now, one thing to note is that LambdaTest is currently for testing how your site renders and is visually displayed across various mobile and desktop browser platforms, the site currently does not do diagnostics or performance debugging so if you have slow page load times or SQL/Script performance issues this site won’t help you track those down.  This site is to make sure you site looks appropriately and is visually reader and user friendly on all platforms and devices and is a great time saver, especially if you are using AMP and mobile themes, plugins for your website or WordPress blog like I am.

If you run a website don’t forget to see how it renders across multiple platforms, run a platform check on LambdaTest, you also get 3 concurrent user sessions with the free plan and the amount of test options, screenshots, video and concurrent user sessions all scale with the premium plans.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.