Live TV on Roku with Skitter TV

I love using the Roku to watch movies, TV Shows and even some limited live news (CNN International and BBC News).  However there are still severe limitations on one’s ability to watch live local television on the Roku devices, this is one of the biggest things holding back Roku from expanding even further and people either ditching or lowering their cable or satellite packages in favor of Internet streaming devices like the Roku 2 XD.


This is where a service like Skitter TV comes in, which is a company working with DMA’s to bring live television to a Skitter TV channel on the Roku platform.  Currently Skitter Live TV only works in Portland, Oregan but should be expanding rapidly and they seem to be approaching it the right way by contracting with local provides before building the streams to make sure licensing is setup and in place ahead of time.

According to an article on Skitter users in Portland have access to ten live channels, which include NBC, ABC, Fox, CBS and the local PBS station.  Whereas other live streaming services have all met with legal issues or been shut down, Skitter is paying the retransmission fee’s and acts as a local cable provider.

The company does have to advance one market at a time, but this gives us hope that live local television stations can come to the Roku platform sooner than later and I honestly wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks a month to have local TV coming in through my Roku device.

You can check your ZipCode on Skitter website to see if Live TV is supported in your area on the Roku but for now, there isn’t very much support although the company says they are working with as many DMA’s as fast as possible to bring Live TV wherever they can.


Do you want to see live local channels come through on your Roku?  There is even talks of a DVR like capability to record local shows, though this is through their WD TV devices and not as a Roku channel.

Is it just me, or now every time I hear “Skitter” I think of Falling Skies?

I am always interested being able to see live local channels from an Android or Internet connected TV Box, how about you?

-Dragon Blogger

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