LoHi iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Cases

Recently LoHi had sent us a handful of iPhone 6 cases and 1 iPhone 6 Plus case to review and the cases vary in purpose with the gel transparent case being the most natural and non-case like case you can get for an iPhone to the thicker higher protection level of the bumper case.  One thing to note is that all cases come with a screen protector that is a 2 step process to put on, so not only do you get the case to protect the back/sides of your phone, you also get a plastic clear screen protector to help prevent scratches on  your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus screen as well.  All cases are very reasonably priced as well.

LoHi Clear Gel Case

The clear gel case is designed to keep the natural look of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus yet give you just a little protection and more importantly a better grip.  The gel case has among the best grip of the cases and your fingers and had stay firmly in place so the smooth metal doesn’t want to slide out of your hands.

LoHi Green Bumper Case

The green bumper case is slightly thicker than the gel case but not as thick as the purple/black bumper case so you get a little more protection without adding additional thickness.  It is stylish and looks good as well as keeps the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus firmly in your hands without that slip feeling from the smooth metal.

LoHi Purple/Black Bumper Case

My favorite case of the 3 because it was thicker and more durable and had just as good a grip on the back of the case was the Purple/Black bumper case where you can feel a little more protection and is more likely to help cushion bumps and hits than the gel case.  All cases are priced around the same with the iPhone 6 Plus versions being about a dollar more.

iPhone 6 Plus Bumper Case

Like the iPhone 6 Case I got the matching Purple/Black bumper case for the iPhone 6 Plus as my wife loved the color and feel of it, and wanted one for her iPhone 6 Plus.  The case makes it easier to grip the iPhone 6 Plus as it does with the iPhone 6 and adds a measure of protection from bumps, scratches and dings though as mentioned it isn’t a full shield case and it will only protect the phone from sort taps/slips, but not likely a high altitude drop if the screen hits face down.



All in all, I was pleased with all 4 LoHi cases as they were durable the screen protectors were all easy to install and good, as well as the various colors and styles.  Again this isn’t a full protective case like a Defender case but it certainly adds some protection and style to your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus without adding a lot of bulk or detracting from the appearance of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus itself.  This is a 5 star iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case based on the quality for the price and that it includes a screen protector.

You can get the cases here:

They come in a variety of colors, Gray, Pink, Blue, Lime…etc so check them out!

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