April 3, 2015- New addition to the precision mouse surface line of products, the Carbonic XXL desk mat featuring a high definition carbon fiber pattern.

A polished textile surface for mouse speed and accuracy printed with a repeating carbon fiber pattern that is designed to improve gamer grade mouse cursor accuracy.

Upgraded edges feature overlock stitching for extra strength and reliability. Added to the base is our Sure Grip open celled rubber backing. The open cell structure cushions when pressed down offering a soft feel when in use.

“This mat has been a long time in the making. We needed to source the best materials available and assemble them together to make this product cutting edge. For anyone who has a computer whether it is Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux or whatever your computer runs and they need something great to put on their desk for their keyboard and mouse; look no further, rejoice your search has ended” said Christopher Kahl, XTracGear Owner/Founder. Not only does this Carbonic XXL work really well as a desk mat but it looks really cool too.”

You can learn more about the Carbonic XXL desk mat from the website http://www.xtracgear.com

About XTracGear
XTracGear is an entire line of precision mouse surfaces and other computer gaming accessories manufactured by PCXmods, LLC of Salt Lake City, UT, USA.

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