Looking for Some Graphic Design Work? Check out graphic_shark24

My team and I produce a lot of video content, but rarely have the time ourselves to make those catchy and fancy attractive thumbnails that help grab your attention on YouTube. This is where outsourcing to an artist on Fiverr can make a lot of sense, but there are so many different price ranges, quality ranges and you sometimes have to just rely on reviews and their portfolio and take a chance.

I recently took such a chance with graphic_shark24 on Fiverr and for the price packages he offers, I believe he delivers great quality. One thing I really appreciated was how much he was willing to be flexible, work with you on revisions and take input. You can provide him with examples, templates, anything and ask him to work it up into a thumbnail and he was able to meet what I needed and more importantly was able to deliver in a very fast timeframe.

Some examples of his recent work for me (images are compressed so may not show true full quality)

Thumbnail for one of James Product Reviews
Thumbnail for recent lifepro dumbbell giveaway

So if you are looking to have some graphic design work, a new logo, a thumbnail and help save you time, he offers a fantastic deal at the time of this writing where you can get 10 thumbnails for $40, which is just $4 per thumb. If you contact him, let him know Dragon Blogger referred you!

Hire Graphic_Shark24 on Fiverr Now!

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