M2M Communication: Fuel Saving Technology Just the Beginning

M2M Communication for those who don’t know is the technology for machines to talk to each other (Machine 2 Machine).  This is basically like the Internet for devices to communicate with each other and will improve efficiency in just about every field you can imagine.  From medical devices that can read data from each other and from stored lab results instantly to devices that can send you instant notifications to other devices when they need to relay information.

Just one example reported in an article from the Australia Earthmover Sales site is about how Volvo is using M2M technology to improve fuel savings for construction and other equipment.  This technology will help machines communicate and implement auto braking technology which can improve fuel efficiency that can save up to 30 cents per gallon.


A site manager with a tablet acting as the central control device could use this technology to optimize the efficiency of an entire fleet of vehicles.

This technology is already being adapted to commercial cars as well where cars will eventually be able to read/detect the proximity to each other and read speed/closing distance and be able to potentially auto adjust, brake and match speed for more efficient cruise controls that adapt better on congested roads.

Volvo has already mentioned that the goal is also to minimize any workplace accidents and by using M2M technology these industrial machines will reduce collisions, help vehicles detect and avoid hitting humans as well as be able to transmit information about avoiding an object which can cause a nearby vehicle to react appropriately like slow down before a driver would respond and react and such.

Intelligent Transport Systems is only the tip of the iceberg for M2M communications, obviously we see variations in how appliances can communicate with smart phones, how your home lighting can be turned on via wireless devices, you can get automated alerts to devices when an alarm gets triggered and more.  Eventually devices will be more aware of the other devices that can communicate with them as well as their surroundings to improve everything from safety to efficiency in the varied tasks and jobs done everyday.

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