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If you are somebody who has several bank accounts, investment accounts and other types of accounts from multiple lenders then is a service that is particularly of value to you.  This site is a financial planning and assistance powerhouse and I have been using it for years to watch and track my own accounts. connects to all of your financial institutions as well as credit cards, home loans, car loans…etc to keep track of all your income sources, savings, retirement and expenses.  Using you can make sure you know at all times where your monies are and where your money is going.  There are two major finance related sites that I recommend to readers and have previously, those are ING Direct for savings accounts with great interest rates and for managing your finances.

When looking at Mint, you will notice the site has a great monthly breakdown of your spending habits by analyzing your accounts and showing you where you are spending your money on, it looks like this for example:

image also has a home budget planner to help you create and maintain a budget to fit your household by sorting your expenses into medical, groceries, utilities and more.  You can set individual budgets for each item, just sign up for Mint and click on add a budget, select your budget type and start entering the amounts you want to budget.

image was listed as one of the top sites for budgeting by in New York times and is holder of the best financial services website for the second year in a row. not only helps you keep track of your income and expenses, but you also can use it to receive notifications when payments are due for your bills as well as get retirement planning tips as well as find ways to save money by finding better interest rates on everything from credit cards to home loans.   It takes only about 10-20 minutes to input all of your accounts into so that it can calculate and connect with all the companies you do business or have accounts with. even has a new Goal feature which helps you set a goal and plan for it, these goals can include getting out of debt to saving for college or a trip.


Managing Finances with Mint.Com

Bottom line, if you haven’t looked at yet you are missing out on one of the best online sites for managing all of your financial resources and helping you keep track of your money, bills and financial goals.

-Dragon Blogger

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