Maximize Apple TV Experience with these Killer Tricks

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Streaming box and services have become extremely popular in recent years. Earlier a lot of people used Roku and then Google Unveiled Chromecast and Apple hopped on the bandwagon with Apple TV. The growth of these devices has also been fueled by spreading of super-fast Internet access.

Apple TV is a versatile streaming device that is useful for Apple device users who want to enjoy media streaming sans any restrictions. However, it has several handy features that can be used to maximize its potential. From using voice commands to finding movies to using iOS devices to serve as a remote to screen mirroring from Mac to TCL TV or other TV’s, the possibilities are aplenty.

If you are already a user of Apple services and own one or more Apple devices, buying an Apple TV definitely makes sense.

While the latest edition of Apple TV comes with several new features, you should not stop at that. There are some hidden features and you can also do with some cool tricks, isn’t it!  Below listed are a few tricks that will help you get more out of the versatile streaming device:

  • Apple has ensured its digital voice assistant Siri gets the attention of users since its inception. You can use Siri to your advantage if you have bought yourself a new Apple TV. You can Ask Siri to find movies by your favorite director or by title too. Siri is quite versatile and can search in one particular app or among all installed apps. If you have tvOS 9.2 installed, it is possible to use Siri to look for an app.
  • You can use a VPN to access USA based channels, to do so first change your itunes region to USA in the Apple TV settings. If you do so you will lose the local apps though. Another trick is to keep your local region and use a VPN proxy to unblock USA Netflix, this way you can keep your local apps and still get USA Netflix.
  • When Android has apps for mirroring content, how can Apple be left behind! You can make use of AirPlay Mirroring and send content from iOS device to the TV screen. However, for this the Apple TV and iOS device must be on the same network. AirPlay can be found in the control center.
  • Apple has come up with a useful Remote app in iOS App Store which is useful for controlling playback on Apple TV and navigation. The app also works with most iOS devices provided they are connected on the same network. You will have to download this app from the App store. Then you need to set this up by tapping Set Up Home Sharing.Next, enter the Apple ID information. Thereafter, Apple TV will get listed and iOS device can be used to control navigation for Apple TV. Typing on your iPhone or iPad and searching for movies is way better than coping with clunky searching in Apple TV.
  • It is not common to miss a few lines or not understand certain dialogue while watching your favorite movie on your Apple TV. If this happens, do not worry as Siri has a cool feature to replay the scene. You can ask Siri to rewind that scene in a jiffy. For this, you need to Press the Siri button with (microphone) icon on device remote and utter “what did they say? “ Immediately, the movie will flip back to 30 seconds and subtitle will be activated. Is not that cool and ideal to impress your friends who do not use an Apple TV!
  • You may sometimes feel like streaming media content from your computer to the Apple TV. It is not uncommon for some Apple TV users to have windows based PCs at home. To stream media from windows based computers, you can use Plex Media app. The app should be installed first and then you will have to set up an account. The app has to be linked to media directories where the content is kept. It can be used to stream images, music, and video content when the PC becomes a media server.
  • Apple has ensured audiophiles are satisfied when developing the latest model of Apple TV. When a video is playing, swiping down the track pad results in audio options getting unveiled. Select “Reduce Loud Sounds” will help smooth out loud noises in audio tracks. The default option is the full dynamic range. You also get options to pick a different speaker and paired Bluetooth headphones. This can be handy sometimes, especially when you watch movies late at night such as Transformers or Chappie.



We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.