Make Money from Old Cell Phones

Recently I stumbled across a sell phone site (as in sell your cell phone, get it?) called


The site is extremely easy to use, you just search for your old cell phone models and get a list of companies and what they will pay for that cell phone.  This also includes how the company will pay you, and you can easily find companies that make payments via Paypal.  Once you click the sell button, you are redirected to the cell phone recycling companies website where you process the transaction, mail in your old cell phone and wait to get paid.  Some companies will even buy your old phone if it isn’t in working condition, but models I searched for require the phone only to be used and don’t list a Non-Working Price however.

A quick search for my Blackberry 8820 showed me that I could get $15 dollars for it.


Not bad since all it does is collect dust in my closet along with a pile of other scrap parts.

You can get $220 if you have an older 1st Generation iPad as well!


The great thing is that you are getting paid to recycle your cell phone, this is more environmentally friendly than simply tossing it in the trash and you are pocketing some extra money for it as well.

You can also sell tablets, netbooks and notebook computers here as well, if not then you can just recycle your cell phone here.

Why bother listing your old cell phone on craigslist, or tossing it a storage bin when you can simply visit, type in the model and sell it for cash.


You can bet the next time I upgrade my cell phones or even one of the notebooks in my house I will see if I can get some cash for it first. This is the site I will check before others too!

-Dragon Blogger

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