Months Worth of Geek Fuel Unboxing

Geek Fuel is one of those monthly subscription boxes that you can get where you get a bunch of free random items per month that can add to your geek collection.  There are some really great things about Geek Fuel that help it stand out to me compared to some other boxes and those would include the fact you get a T-Shirt every month, but also get a random Steam game included every month as well.  You are guaranteed to get at least double the price you paid in value for all the items included in the Geek Fuel box and you can get some really cool exclusive items too like when they partnered with Stan Lee for some exclusive items.

Here is some unboxing videos over the many months we have been getting Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel 90’s Theme

Geek Fuel Aliens / Vampirella

Geek Fuel Deadpool

Geek Fuel Doctor Who

Geek Fuel Star Wars and The Simpsons

Geek Fuel with Stan Lee

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