MVPower IP Camera Review

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MVPower sent me an IP cam that has totally amazed me. I am going to spend a few minutes of your time sharing with you the reasons why you should buy this as your next IP Cam.

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This is not a web cam, although, it does transmit over the web. It is not a camera even though you can take screen shots. It is also not a chat device, even though you can have a two way conversation using it. So what it is? All of the above with a few surprises.

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The instructions leave a great deal to be desired, but once you work through this, it really is not that bad. The first thing to know is that each camera is unique in that it has a number and a password. While the password is simple, the number associated with each is different.

When you look at the can it kind or looks like a small robot. It has a nice big eye in front, and microphones and speakers all over. On the back of the camera are several connections. One is power, another a plug in for the internet, a Micro SD slot, an alarm connection, and the power connection.

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This is where the instructions were not too clear. I was not sure if I needed to plug the cam into the network, in which case it would not be so portable, or is it wireless? Well, it is both. I found that all I needed to do was to plug it into the power source, and then I had to download a file to my tablet to get started.

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I logged onto google play and discovered that my tablet is not compatible with the cam. That was not going to stop me. I decided to go to their web site. has a downloadable link to the apk file so I downloaded it and side loaded it onto my tablet, and it worked. The next step was to create an account.

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I used the email option and all I had to do was add an E-mail address, and a password, and I was in. The rest is setting up the network password for the web cam to connect to, and in moments, the picture showed up on my screen.

The above email address also has a link to download a PC app that can be run on my computer. It took me a little bit to figure out all the details but once I did, it worked very well. Just remember that the CMS Client software is the one you want to use on the home computer, and not until you run the app and register your camera on the tablet app first.

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Ok, so if I have not confused you too much, you should be able to see an image on both your tablet as well as your home computer.

Now, what I love is that at home, I can monitor multiple cameras using the one program. I can record all the web cams and the recordings are all local. I don’t have to pay anyone to store the video for me and I can tell you, that is nice. Now, I think, that for the tablet to record, you might need an SD card in the cam, but I have not gotten that far.

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I will tell you that there are tons of options, and I have not explored them all. And don’t let the fact that the reviews of the app on the android are not too good. I honestly did not connect the app to the cam until I used it.

Ok, so how well does it work. I can tell you that in good light, the images are nearly perfect. Very high quality and the cam is nearly good enough to read by. It certainly will allow someone to not have to squint to try and figure out what the suspect looks like should you have an intruder.

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Now let’s say you do have an intruder, and the cam is running and you’re at say, a fast food restaurant that has free Wi-Fi, or if your using your phone, then anywhere that you can connect to the net. And you want to check your house to see how things are going. You can rest assured that your pc is already recording the images and audio from the cam already, but you tune in and see someone who should not be there. You press a button on the screen, and tell them to leave, that the police are on their way, and when they look in your direction, you snap a few pictures. You now have the video and the pictures to prove they were in your home, and no lawyer in the world could possible disagree, Ok, well they could, they do that, but the pictures are on your tablet or phone as well as at the house. (I am not a lawyer, and this is not an attempt to dispense legal advice).

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So how well does the mic and speakers work on this cam? I went into another room, and used the mic on my tablet to talk to my granddaughters. They were busy playing, and it got their attention. They stopped what they were doing, and I told them I was under the table in the dining room. They all went to the table to take a look. It was fun.

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Now, for the best part. Not only does this IP Can do all the things I mentioned above, but I can pan the camera almost 360 degrees and up and down as well. Plus, on the tablet, I can zoom in while viewing. That to me sells this cam if nothing else does.

There are many other things about this camera that I have not yet discovered. It can be set on a flat surface, and it can be mounted on the wall as well. It is not for outdoor use, and it can see in the dark. It can record locally as well as on your tablet or phone, and it works wonderfully. This is one of those devices that comes along and falls into your lap, and is so good, it just had to be shared with the world. It is affordable, and the delivery is spot on fast. I want two more for my home, and a few for my mother’s home and my daughters place as well. I bet you will want a few as well.

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Disclaimer: MVPower provided me with their, 1280x720P HD Wireless IP Camera for Home Security, to review. All opinions are 100% mine and mine alone.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.