Naipo Eye Massager Review

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SO one of the more unique products I was sent to review was the NAIPO Eye Massager. I have used other NAIPO massage products before and am a big fan of their shoulder and back massagers with infrared heat but this was something different.  This is a massager that you wear over your eyes like you would a sleep mask and it goes to work working on the muscles and skin around your eyebrows, temples and your eyeballs themselves (indirectly).

After a long work day I used this a few times after staring at my monitor for 10-12 hours all day long, I tried various pressure settings and I agree with what some others have said that hard is a bit uncomfortable, even with the strap loosened hard can be too much pressure particularly when the side “airbags” inflate and push inward. Overall though the light and medium settings are good and the default music is soothing, the volume can the inflating and hissing deflating as it presses and releases can be distracting at first, but you easily slip into treating it like white noise and I was actually able to fall asleep a few times on a couch propped while it did it’s magic. It is definitely soothing around the eyes, and is a unique eye massage experience. I found it pleasant and enjoyable as long as not on hard setting which was a bit too much pressure.

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Overall the various settings include three pressure levels (LOW, MED, HIGH) HEAT (on or off) and Music On/Off and you can also pair it via Bluetooth to your phone as well to have your own music as well.    I found that the low and medium pressures worked best as I stated and the heat was good for soothing your eyes, but when I tested it while I had a migraine I definitely preferred NO HEAT and low pressure worked best for me providing relief when my eyes were hurting whenever I stared at anything.  But the hissing sounds it makes while deflating the air bag might be distracting and could bother your migraine if you are under a very sound sensitive one so be careful there.

Overall it did feel good, but I wouldn’t say the pressure air bags lightly pressing and releasing were better than a someone using their fingertips to circle your temples, eyebrows and gently massage your eyeballs.  I know why the device didn’t use rotating beads or anything that could cause injury and using inflatable bags is the safest way to provide just a little pressure and release but lacks the spinning and kneading that is more effective.

So I would put this as helpful if you don’t have anyone around as a partner who can massage your sore temples and eye area, then you probably have a really good chance of liking this product being around, especially when you can set it and just take a nice light meditative rest for 15 minutes and listen to soothing music while it does it’s work.  Be careful with hard mode though, it was a bit rough on my eyeballs particularly with the side airbags which felt like it was squeezing my eyeballs a bit too much on left and the right.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.