Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

With so many of us constantly sitting at our desks, neck and back pain is common. While it would be nice to go get a massage every week, for most of us, that’s a little out of reach so having something at home that can help is even better. The Naipo massager is easy to use and massages great, making it a great option for anyone with neck pain. Through the years of writing for Dragonblogger, I’ve reviewed quite a few Naipo products and I’ve been happy with all of them so far. Let’s dive into how to use it and decide if it’s a right option for you.

Using the Naipo massager and quality

The Naipo massager is pretty much ready to use right out of the box. There is one plug that goes into the wall you connect to the massager, and then it’s ready to go. I always like gear that is easy to set up without a ton of work. It does need to stay plugged in, so you can’t bring it far from the cord, but that’s not often a big deal. If you do want to use it on the go or on a road trip, it does come with a car adaptor so you can plug it right into the outlet.

Right away I noticed that it seems to be built out of quality materials. It appears to be a massager that’s going to last a long time. I’ve also reviewed a good handful of other Naipo massagers before and I know they make great products that have lasted.

You put your arms in the arm sleeve and move the massager where you need it, especially up and down your back. It’s not built for just one specific area, which makes it useful all over or anywhere that’s sore. This massager is also easy to move around to different areas and doesn’t require any additional assembly or work to do so.

How well it works and other features

Inside the Naipo massager there are 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes which really do the job for getting out those tough knots. My upper back is one of my worst areas on my body when it comes to pain (probably due to all the writing I have to do for work), so I constantly have knots in there. I’ve tested a ton of massagers but I like this one the most because I can control the pressure on it. If you want more pressure when you’re getting a massage, you simply pull down on the hand sleeves to get a stronger massage. The nodules move in a 360 rotating fashion to get every area covered.

This massager has a heated massage option which goes for 20 minutes before it has an automatic shutdown. That’s always a good option so your massager doesn’t overheat.


  • Three massage speeds
  • 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes
  • 20 minutes of heated massage
  • Leather arm straps for easy holding
  • Car adaptor included


Disclaimer: I received this product at a discount for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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