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Nations At Risk a Real Time Grand Strategy Browser Game

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Nations at risk is a nation simulation game that is all about politics and war. It’s free to play, multiplayer, browser-based, and has a variety of government systems to choose from. It has a wonder system that is reminiscent of age of empires. The game is similar to old school browser-based games sites such as Neopets, static images and text conveying the action on screen. Build up your nation from the depths of squalor and poverty to the heights of golden luxury. It’s incredibly complex, and the lack of a tutorial made it somewhat difficult to get into, but once I had I found the experience to be somewhat enjoyable. You can build anything from an industrial utopia to a diplomatic city-state. Wage war on your friends, develop a space program, hunt whales, strip mine, and much more.  There’s an extensive forums system in place, though it’s quite the daunting task to comb it for information on getting started but it’s certainly not the worst system. The planetary union system is the equivalent of the UN for conflict resolution, and it’s quite the neat mechanic. You submit your problem, and people can discuss solutions, send military support, resources, or in a very bold move, even take administrative action and vote one another off the server. This creates a self-policing community which I’m very behind in terms of game administration systems.



The different presidents offer different bonuses for your developing nation, and like the systems of government you have ones that offer everything from diplomatic, scientific, and political boons. The Parliament system allows you to vote on new laws alongside other members of your parliament, including a left, right, and center political view system. In my short time with the game, I saw a law for an environmental protection standard proposed, and passed. The alliance system allows you to partner with your friends for diplomatic relations, and is in essence the equivalent a guild system, allowing multiple players to group together and share resources, build each other up, and launch concentrated attacks on other non-allied nations. The military section of the game is divided into managing planetary union missions, placing units in your various regions, and organizing attacks on your enemies. Various rouge nations, paramilitary organizations (think the diamond dogs from metal gear solid five.) , and terrorist organizations appear, and the planetary union offers eight missions a day you can complete for numerous rewards. The game has a premium subscription system that, for two ninety nine a month, rewards twenty four hours of resources, no ads, but otherwise keeps the micro-purchases to a minimum, and considering I’ve seen quite a few ways to support games that were very pay to win, this is a subtle system that any normal player can appreciate.  The world tab allows you to view every other player on the server, their political views, trade, or declare war on them if you’re the spiteful type. All in all nations at risk is a good, free time killer.

You can watch the Gameplay Trailer for Nations at Risk as well

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

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