The All New Amazon Look

Amazon presented with a new gadget, which is Echo Look camera and this gadget helps to pick an outfit. As early as March the information appeared that Amazon company is going to expand the range of Echo devices and will present a security camera of its own. As it turned out, the company jollied well show compartment but its task is different. It is to help with choosing outfits.

Style assistant as journalists already named a novelty product called Echo Look represents a typical voice helper but with a 5 MP camera for image capturing with a speed light. The camera is able to take photos, to video tape, to telecast it onto smartphone, but the headline is that it is capable of helping with choosing an outfit. According to announced data, you may take a picture wearing two different outfits and Echo Look will help to choose the best one. All of the above is performed based on computerized learning.

A startup of such a strange gadget at first sight took a favorable view from an economic point of view. By means of such a camera, Amazon will be able to bring in a customer`s world its huge catalog of clothes: a person is going to be given pieces of advice on choosing an outfit, which might improve his or her style. On top of that, Amazon Company places itself on the market of healthy lifestyle: ultimately, the camera will be able to estimate changes of a human body, provide with tips what exercises are worth doing. All of that is available for monetizing both Prime subscription and sale of things.

Apart from help with forming a style, Echo Look do what a usual Look post does: via Alexa voice assistant, one may find out information about weather, news, set reminders, etc.

The price for the camera is $200 but there is one catch. To conclude a purchase directly is impossible but through invitation only.

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