New Trent Airbender Mini Case Review

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Disclaimer: New Trent has provided with the Airbender Mini case for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

How many times have you wished that your nearly perfect iPad Mini case came with a few extra features? For example, wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a keyboard available at a moment’s notice and not have to dig around for an external one? New Trent has included the QWERTY keyboard you know and love and more in their latest Airbender Mini case. I was eager to see if all the bells and whistles on the Airbender truly did deliver and were not merely tacked on. Watch the video or continue reading the written review below to find out how positive my experience with the case was.

Rugged Protection and Cutouts Galore

Just one look at the Airbender already invokes quite a bit of confidence in its ability to protect your iPad Mini. After a week of rough use, the case merely sported a few fingerprints and not a single scratch or scuff. All your essential iPad Mini controls are also easily accessible behind the case’s rugged exterior. Headphone and power jacks are not clogged up by the silicon edges and can be used with ease. What pleased me the most however was the fact that the speakers on the iPad Mini were left exposed. This allowed the sound quality of the device to remain unaffected.

Installation of the Airbender Takes a Little Fiddling

To this day not a single full encompassing case I have attempted to install on my iPad Mini has gone on without a fuss. The New Trent Airbender followed in the footsteps of its predecessors. I wish the little instructional sheet mentioned that the case was detachable or that you would have better luck using your fingernails on the side wedges first. Once the case is cracked open, the rest of the process is easy and you will be able to slip your iPad Mini snugly inside.

360 Degrees of Rotation…Can You Say Awesome?

New Trent Airbender Mini Case
It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Getting the perfect viewing angle on the New Trent Airbender is an incredibly simple endeavor. Regardless of what sitting position you choose, I am positive that the Airbender can accommodate you. The only odd quirk I noticed is that if you don’t lock the case into the “laptop viewing angle,” it will bobble as you press on the screen. Using the touchscreen interface is hassle free thankfully and it registered every swipe and pinch I attempted.

A Keyboard that is Functional and Then Some

There are a growing number of individuals who hate the iPad Mini’s virtual keyboard with a vengeance. The Airbender’s keyboard is definitely a good attempt at providing a tactile keyboard. Battery drain was quite minimal and I did not experience any latency issues. The experience is hampered somewhat by how cramped the keys are. What really sells the keyboard however is the plethora of iPad Mini function controls it comes with. Media hounds will love how volume, playback, and track skip are available through simple keystrokes.

The Airbender Mini case is a solid offering by New Trent and will certainly please those on the hunt for a multifunctional iPad Mini case. It’s combination of rugged protection and overall handiness makes it the perfect case for the iPad Mini user on the go.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.