New Years Video Game Giveaway

Welcome to 2015!

We kick off 2015 by offering one of our more popular giveaways, this is the Video Game giveaway where the winner of this giveaway can win a video game of their choice.  The winner can choose a physical game shipped to them from Amazon (if they live in the U.S.) or they can choose a digital game from Steam or any other online service.  If you didn’t get the video game you were hoping to get for Christmas, this is your chance to enter and maybe win the game you wanted!

So whether it is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or another game, this is your chance to win it and the game can be for any platform or service.  So it can be a PC game, PS4 game, Xbox 360 game or even a Wii U game.   So tell us what game you want to win, what games did you get and what you were hoping for!

Enter to Win the Video Game of Your Choice

Win the Video Game You Want Giveaway


I still have to play and finish Divinity: Original Sin which is one of the best RPG turn based games I have ever played since Planescape: Torment.

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