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Though is primarily known as a blogging and SEO resource for other bloggers, there is a reason why my tagline is Technology & Entertainment and that is because technology articles are just as much a focus if not a stronger focus on this site than blogging tips, make money online and SEO related articles.  In the month of November 2010 my top five most visited pages were all technology related articles and one was written by a guest blogger while the other was written by a writer who joined the team last month.

Here are a list of the top 5 articles and a small summary of them.

This article is a pure and simple help guide for people who are trying to get a Canon MF3110 printer working with Windows 7 64bit.  The printer doesn’t support 64bit drivers so you have to kind of hack job the approach by using another printer’s drivers.  The comments have even additional tips and solutions that the article didn’t completely cover as well.  It turns out that many people are still using a Canon MF3110 multifunction laser printer and this has been one of the top articles for a while.

This article was created at the beginning of the  year and focuses on the ShinySearch homepage which is a customizable homepage that uses Google search engine.  I include how to use it and how to remove it and flush cache after several people had asked me how to clear the cache and unset the Shiny Search browser.  This page has received over 20,000 pageviews alone since it was created earlier in the year.

A great guest article by Vinay Gowda who runs and has joined the team.  He has some of the most detailed articles on Google Chrome and is a very proficient tech blogger and everyone is comparing Firefox to Chrome lately so no surprise that this article is popular.

Another guest article this one written by Jakk Ogden who did a good job detailing out some of the top smartphones available earlier this year, but this post was from February 2010 and smartphones have already evolved since then so a sequel post is probably in order.

My blog has rapidly become a source for people looking for Paint.NET resources and information.  This is a free image editing program with near Photoshop like capability and an easier to use interface than GIMP (in my opinion).  I have been using this as my sole paint program for 2 years now.

Your Thoughts?

This is my first time I have done a “top posts” article on detailing my top articles for a month, and I am curious to know if readers are interested in these type of “top article” listings or prefer not to.  I see many bloggers do similar top articles and sometimes I think they are a great way to showcase your top content in one article.

-Dragon Blogger

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