Open Multiple Instances/ Accounts of Google Talk Using nomutex

Most of us have multiple Gmail accounts and thus it would be quite convenient if we can have multiple instances of Gtalk open at the same time. Another way is to use a multiple account IM client.

If, however you feel insecure using a non-standard and relatively new software/service for accessing your Gmail account, you can simply use the following trick to open multiple instances of Gtalk simultaneously to chat and check email updates.

  • Go to the Gtalk shortcut (usually on your desktop after installation). If however you can’t find it or there no pre-existing shortcuts, simply make one on the desktop.
  • Right-click on the shortcut and go to properties.
  • In the target field, you will find something like this :

“C:\Program Files\Google Talk\googletalk.exe”, where you might actually find something different depending on where you’ve installed Gtalk.

  • Here you need to add the following :

/nomutex” after the “address of Gtalk.exe file”.

  • In the above address instance, the final target would be :

“C:\Program Files\Google Talk\googletalk.exe” /nomutex

  • Important : Note that the space between the closing quote(“) and /nomutex is necessary, and use a forward slash (/) before nomutex.
  • Now click on Apply or OK.
  • Click/Double-click the shortcut as many times as you want and you’ll be able to have multiple instances of Gtalk open at the same time.
  • If you are using Windows 7, it’d be pretty handy if you pin the shortcut with the modification to the Taskbar. (Right-click and “Pin to Taskbar”)

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