ORICO 7 Port Super Speed USB Hub Giveaway

Welcome to a new day and giveaway from DragonBlogger.com and this time we once again partner with ORICO who wanted to showcase their 7 Port USB Hub which happens to have 2 of those USB ports as dedicated charging ports.  Something that is very convenient about the ORICO 7 Port USB hub is the design, it stands like a Coke can and all of the USB ports face on the same side for easy access.  Unlike many USB hubs that are bricks or squares where USB plugs go in many different directions this to me is a more appealing and functional design.

The top 5 blue colored USB ports are all USB 3 ports, the bottom ones that are yellow colored are USB Charging ports only (no pass through to PC) so it really is a 5 port USB hub with 2 additional charging ports.  The BC1.2 charging ports auto detect charging needs of device and output up to 2.4A so they can charge tablets or cellphones at the max input they can take.    The other benefit of the ORICO 7 Port USB Charging Hub is even if your PC is off the bottom charging ports will still operate and charge your devices, this is because the hub also plugs into an AC power outlet to ensure your bottom 2 ports are always ready to deliver charging even if your computer is powered off.

Included in the Box:
• 1 x ORICO RH7C2
• 1 x 12V2.5A Power Adapter
• 1 x 3.3Ft. Data Cable
• 1 x User Manual
• 1 x Service Card

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ORICO 7 Port Super Speed USB Hub Giveaway

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