Cougar 550M Gaming Mouse Review


If you are a gamer on a PC, 99.9% chance you are using a mouse, heck if you use a PC, 95% chance you are using a mouse.  I know some use a touchscreen monitor as an input device, but after 5 minutes of that,… you are back on your mouse.  Keyboard and mouse have ruled the PC for a very long time and that may change one day, but not today.  Today I will be reviewing Cougars 550M Gaming Mouse.

Before I get into the review, let me touch on some of the specifications and features.

  • DPI Resolution between 50 ~ 6400DPI
  • SDNS-3988 Optical Gaming Sensor
  • 32-Bit ARM Processor
  • Omron Micro Switch
  • Up to 1000Hz Polling Rate
  • Maximum Acceleration 50G
  • Maximum Tracking Speed 200 IPS
  • 512KB Onboard memory
  • Gaming Grade Scroll Wheel
  • Braided 1.8Meter/5.91 Foot Cable
  • Gold Plated USB Plug
  • 2 – Zone 16.8Million Color LED
    • 3 Stage DPI LED Display
    • Palm Rest LED Display
  • ANTI-SLIP Flanks
  • 6 Programmable Buttons


Let’s check out the unboxing


Just a few things in the box, it is a tiny box.  So first off, we have the instruction manual.


At first I thought it was a book type manual, where you open it and turn pages from right to left, but it turned out to be a single sheet folded nicely.


This side shows the features and system contents in a few languages


The other side shows you a bit on the UIX software, which we will go over a little later in the review.


They also provide you with this very important piece of information,… I know now.

Digging in a little more, we find guitar pics stuck to a sheet of paper.  Really they are stickers, pretty cool ones too.  Sadly the Dragonblogger logo is not a sticker that they include,… but it should be.


The cable for this mouse is braided, a very nice and tight braiding.  It was a little difficult to get a nice shot of the braiding since it was so tight, but I think I got a good one.


On one end of the cable, we have the Gold platted USB plug.  On this side, it shows you USB logo.


Flipping the plug over, we find the Cougar logo.


At the other end of the 5.91 Foot beautifully braided cable, we find the mouse itself.


Let’s take a closer look at the Cougar 550M Gaming Mouse.

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