Overwatch iPhone 6 Wallpapers

Figured I would let people download a pack of Overwatch iPhone 6 wallpapers for those who want to sport their favorite character Overwatch character on their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.  The images are all sized for iPhone 6 Plus but should scale to an iPhone 6 just fine.   There are a few legendary bonus skins thrown in for some characters like Symmetra and Tracer as well.  All you need to do is click on the image to open it up on a popup, then right-click and save the image if you want to get one specific Overwatch iPhone wallpaper.  There is a wallpaper for all of the Overwatch characters on this page.

Make sure you click on the image to open full-size version before you save as, so it looks like this, at the end of the article I also offer a ZIP pack with all the Overwatch iPhone 6 wallpapers.


Overwatch Bastion iPhone 6 Wallpaper


Overwatch D.VA iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Genji iPhone 6 Wallpaper


Overwatch Hanzo iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Junkrat iPhone 6 Wallpaper




Overwatch Lucio iPhone 6 Wallpaper




Overwatch McCree iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Mei iPhone 6 Wallpaper




Overwatch Mercy iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Pharah iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Reaper iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Reinhardt iPhone 6 Wallpaper


Overwatch Roadhog iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Soldier 76 iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Symmetra iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Symmetra Goddess Skin iPhone 6 Wallpaper


Overwatch Torbjorn iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Tracer iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Tracer Ultraviolet Skin iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Widowmaker iPhone 6 Wallpaper


Overwatch Widowmaker Huntress iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Winston iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Zarya iPhone 6 Wallpaper



Overwatch Zenyatta iPhone 6 Wallpaper


Who is your favorite Overwatch character, and how often are you playing Overwatch?  Which system do you play it on?  Xbox One, PS4, PC?  If you would like to download all of these skins, you can get them from the ZIP FILE HERE and you can download the entire 65MB wallpaper pack.


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