Paxcess Portable Car Pressure Washer Review

This is a review and thoughts on the Paxcess Portable Pressure Car Washer and more specifically the 1750 PSI model as they make a few different models.  What you get is a device you can carry that comes with both a 16 foot long extension cord and a 16 foot long water hose and the attachment head supports both a pressure spray nozzle and a foamer nozzle.  Assembly is fairly easy you just slide in the gun holder, assemble the wand, plug in the hoses and you are ready to go.  The Paxcess Portable Pressure washer that I received has a max PSI of 1750 which is high enough to get the job done for cleaning, but not high enough to risk damaging paint on cars or house walls, and the fan spray mode of this pressure washer works fantastic for doing a wide swath of cleaning and spraying.

Watch the Paxcess Pressure Washer Setup and Usage Video

What I really liked about this product is the fact it has a PSI 1750 limit which is high enough to clean most things well but low enough you don’t have to worry about the pressure possibly damaging paint on your car or a surface. You easily spin the nozzle to go from fan mode to beam mode, and it was great for cleaning concrete, pavement, my truck and more. The attachment with the cleaner foamer is great too, and you can easily popoff and switch nozzles when ready for rinse.

Cord management was a slight bit of an issue because it is great that it has a 16 foot power cord plus a 16 foot hose cord, but combine that with your hose and you now have 3 very long cords hanging off the device which makes it less convenient to carry and drag around while you spray and instead makes it easier to just leave in one place and just use the nozzle and one cord to move around and spray. Wrapping up the power cord is easy, the nozzle cord you have to loop up manually when you are done and carry it away. The gun/spray part disassembles to slide in the various holding sections itself, though at first I struggled to get the gun want detached, once I did I had no trouble attached and detaching it with each attempt after.

Overall I found it to be an excellent pressure washer system and it worked well for fan spraying down my patios, beaming in between the grooves in the concrete slabs and cleaning off my cars.  The fan was great at cleaning the car windows, side mirrors, and the spray beam was good at stuck on bird crap or dead bug guts that were too fused with the car paint for the fan sprayer alone to demolish.  Even if you use it without any car cleaner it does a good job getting your car looking decent and if you live in a very dusty area like in Arizona for example where you get wicked dust storms, having a pressure washer like this can save you a ton compared to taking your car into the car wash once a week.



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