Pick up the Home8 Video-Verified VideoShield 2-Camera Video Monitoring System

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A home video system is an ideal product for making sure when you are away things are safe and sound at your home, it also is of great value if you want to monitor your pets or just make sure everything looks alright at a room in the home.  Home8 has sent us security systems to review in the past and they have always received top marks, we also partnered with them for a giveaway in the past as well.  Now they come bringing an excellent discount coupon just in time for the holidays on their VideoShield 2 pack monitoring system.

What you get in this kit is 2 video camera’s with night vision and motion detection and the hub which you can use to pair additional camera’s as needed.  These camera’s can be used to monitor specific rooms in your home, or simply positioned to look out a window to provide notice if anything is approaching your home.  You can say point one at your door and have it configured to set off an alarm if it detects motion as well while you are gone.  This kit comes factory paired so you don’t have to do any custom pairing and this is a great start to monitor your home and give you peace of mind.

Home8 Real-Time Video Monitoring System

The VideoShield 2-Camera System is easy to install. Home8 has a patented zero-pairing technology enables you to set up the system in minutes without any configuration. It can help you keep an eye on your home or office when you are away. With the free mobile app, you can stream live video from anywhere to see what’s happening and take immediate action if necessary. The real-time video monitoring solution provides you visual verification and stores automatic 30-second recordings from each camera when events are triggered. It also features motion detection, night vision capabilities and offers free local video storage. You can add more cameras and other sensors to build a customized system for your specific needs.

Keep an Eye on Things You Care About

Use this camera system to monitor pets, nurseries, burglary and more. No matter where you go, you are always in know with live video streaming from the smartphone.

Video Notification. See and Take Action

Your system sends you an intelligent video notification as soon as it detects an emergency. The video clip shows you what’s happening, so you can make an informed decision on appropriate next steps.  This is a video notification so you can get a preview of what was seen that triggered the alarm.

Ultra-Secure Video Privacy

The system creates an ultra-secure, firewalled network for your devices. It features bank-level data encryption and anti-sniffing technology. Home8 has a system alerts you when it detects login attempts from unauthorized smart devices.  This is AES 256 encryption to make sure your video streams are not compromised, hijacked and spied upon.

Empower Your Life with Home8/Oplink

Your interface to the Home8/Oplink system is a powerful and intuitive smartphone app. It allows you to receive real-time video, video alerts and push notifications inside the app – anytime, anywhere. Even better, if you have multiple locations, many Home8/Oplink systems can be managed by your one mobile app. Available for free on Android and iOS.

Home8 Oplink Features:

  • Video monitoring for multiple cameras.
  • Control the systems remotely.
  • Receive notification when alarm is triggered.
  • Customize multi-tier users and contacts.
  • View history events.
  • Manage all devices from one place.
  • Event recording and sharing.

Home8 VideoShield 2 Deal

The current deal which is valid from 11/14 through 11/22 for the VideoShield 2 from Home8 is that you can pick up this security camera 2-pack for only $49.99 when you use Coupon Code MKJ2ZIKZ at checkout.  Note, this is getting the entire system for 66% off the MSRP and getting 2 home video camera’s with this feature set for this price is a fantastic deal.


Now if you were curious we did review the MiniCube 2 system which you can checkout from Home8 as well.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.