PlayStation 5 Community Giveaway

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We had a smashing success with our GPU Giveaway last month (you can see winner at bottom of this email) and wanted to keep the momentum going with a couple of new giveaway launches in September while we build to our big holiday giveaway launch next month.

This month we did something new, we decided to join and participate in a “Community Giveaway” this is where a whole bunch of entertainers/streamers get together and pool funds to giveaway a big prize, much bigger than any of the individual streamers could afford to giveaway individually.  This prize is a PS5, yes a PlayStation 5 will be won by one lucky individual but you have to hurry as giveaways like this have a short duration and you only have about 3 days to get as many entries in as possible.  I am really hoping someone from the Dragon Blogger Community wins this PS5!   See the entry for this giveaway below our newsletter update and the other giveaways like the Redragon S101 and Any Video Game giveaway we are running right now as well.

Oh and we also became the 10th most popular page on the Gaming Tribe Social Network now with over 5 million users this is a great social network for gamers, streamers and PC enthusiusts to hang out and share their love of all things video game related. My goal is to try and crack the top 5 by end of the year!

Spin To Win game is now live

To continue rewarding fans we have implemented a simple daily “spin to win” wheel game on Dragon Blogger website, click here for Spin to Win.  You can see how it works in this YouTube Video:

Basically you visit the page once per day and complete a Captcha and spin the wheel.  You have a chance to win Random PC Game Keys, $5 Amazon Gift Cards, Coupons and more.  I will be rotating prizes monthly, you can also win secret codes which give you huge bonus entries in our biggest giveaways too.  So bookmark the SpintoWin page and come back daily for a chance to win.

September Update with the Dragon Blogger Team

Justin just finished publishing his dyplay wireless earbud review and concludes that they are the best under $100 ANC earbuds he has ever tested.   In addition he has been partnering with other streamers and entertaininers for more giveaways that launch in October and November.  He also hired an artist to help redesign all new dragon webcam overlays for the Twitch streaming channel so stop by and check them out sometime.

Oliver has been spending most of his time back in school with online learning classes but finds time to yell at his friends while playing Among Us, and took up playing Divinity Original Sin 2 again which is probably the best multi-player turn based RPG game of all time.

Brian continues expanding the Dragon Cast podcast, and in the previous episode he interviewed Chester Rushing who has appeared in the Netflix Series Stranger Things and Daybreak.  Check out new episodes of the podcast almost every Monday on SoundCloudiTunesGoogle Play and Spotify.

Iggy will have his hands on an Nvida RTX 3080 this month and knowing him you will get an incredible in depth review over at ThisBytesForYou so you better go give him a follow and stay tuned for the details.  Will this card live up to the hype and be that much better than a 2080 Ti at such a low price point by comparison when the 2080 Ti first released?

Jackie is back alternating between covering Nintendo Switch games like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and horror games on her Thursday night streams.  She also has the updated new pink dragon webcam overlay.

James keeps whining about not having an RTX 3080 yet while he churns out some more product reviews including a Big and Tall Racing Style Gaming Chair by Blue Whale which looks like a steal for under $250 but comes with a pretty difficult assembly curve.  Oh and he now uses an awesome 15.6″ portable monitor from Lepow which serves for watching his Twitch commentary and side functions while entertaining.

Gamerunner250 had to take the rest of September off going on Hiatus and we wish him luck and hope he returns streaming on Friday’s in October.

Jayson_Wyler is such a friendly and supportive streamer and we are humbled to have him be part of our channel every Tuesday. You find him doing Daily Coffee Chats minus the coffee on his own channels to almost every day.

Planet_Gabo does 4 hour streams on Monday morning starting at 6am PT for the DragonBloggers Twitch channel and primarily plays Escape from Tarkov taking the viewers through how he plays, teaching them the game while he plays and answering questions.

Opal returned after a break for a few weeks though had some troubles with his stream keeping up with the framerate on Code Vein which is an Anime Dark Souls clone that is really so excellent as a stand alone game it is unfair to call it a clone.

KatVonMeow is still temporarily on break while she figures out a new PC situation since her former unreliable gaming PC is down for the count.

Nate did a stream and got banned live on Overwatch the other week without any reason and nothing really explained what would cause Blizzard to ban him.  So we are still waiting to see when the next ASMR Cheetos will take place.

Supreme_Rob is back with improved Internet and is covering the excellent game Middle Earth: Shadow of War.  His normal stream times are Monday afternoon a few hours after PlanetGabo finishes.

Rohan continues to cover software reviews as they come in and so far this month he reviewed the AnyFix software to recover from iOS problems.

Blitzwolf Gaming Chair

Lepow Portable Gaming Monitor

CyberPowerPCdyplay ANC Wireless EarbudsThe dyplay wireless earbuds are fantastic and well worth the money standing up well against earbuds costing 20-50% more. These earbuds have 9.2mm dynamic drivers and the sound quality is amazing listening to everything in my Spotify playlist to my audio books on Audible.The coolest features are also that the earbuds can be used independently as headsets, each one has a mic and acts as a master. They have Active Noise Cancellation which is very good and reduces fan, cars and background noise very well when tested. Most impressive was the transparent mode which puts outside sounds directly into your ear so you don’t miss anything being said around you and can even improve safety when jogging or running as you can hear things around you.
Check it Out Now

selfie ringlightHUAWEI Watch GT 2eThe HUAWEI Watch GT 2e and is not a full Android smartwatch in that you don’t get full access to an app store to install apps/games on your watch but it has a plethora of features including standard ones like heart rate monitor, sleep monitor but also spO2 monitor and 15 different workout activity tracking modes. It has some preset watch faces you can choose from, and you can install custom watch faces or create your own the process isn’t very easy for many users and you have to have some technical know how and desire to tinker.

Enter the PlayStation 5 Community Giveaway

Okay so I am not the host of this giveaway I am a co-sponsor what that means is I paid some money to help fund the prize and be included in the admittedly long list of entries one can do to try and win this prize.  I am also reviewing community giveaways for the site so I will be sharing my own experience with the platform as a whole as well as as a co-sponsor of community giveaways.

In the meantime I really want someone from my fanbase to win this PS5 giveaway hosted on it would be fantastic to know one of my followers won it so good luck to everyone.  As soon as Playr gives the secret codeword for the 10,000 bonus entries I will be sharing it on my discord so make sure you are paying attention there too.

For those who entered the Playr PS5 Community Giveaway, the SECRET CODE for 10,000 entries for the PS5 giveaway is PLAYRPS5952 go get your entries in The PlayStation 5 Giveaway I want someone from my COMMUNITY to win only 1 day left! #ps5 #giveaway #sweepstakes #playstation5

Meanwhile, I am still building to host my own HUGE console giveway coming in October so if you don’t win this console you will still have another console giveaway to enter soon.
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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.