PUBG Best Spawn Locations

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the game that started the recent hype about the Battle Royale genre. PUBG developers have recently designed a new desert map called Miramar. It is set in Mexico, and it gives you the chance to use close combat, stealth, and sniping skills.

If you want to survive on this map, it is essential to start properly. That is why you should check out the best PUB spawn locations listed below.

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Do You Need Guns?

If you like the blazing guns approach, you want to equip yourself with weapons as soon as possible.

Here is a list of spawn locations that you should consider for guns:

  • Hacienda Del Patron – if you played this map already, the chances are you’ve discovered this location. The Hacienda is filled with amazing weapons and scopes, but you won’t be the only one chasing them. It is among the places where players frequently spawn, which means that you should keep your eyes open, or you risk getting killed. The reward, however, is worth the risk.
  • Minas Generales – although it also has a high number of weapons available, it doesn’t carry the same risk level as Hacienda. If you check out the map from above, you will understand why. Minas is in the center of the map, which makes it more peaceful in the beginning.
  • Pecado – the chances are it will quickly become crowded in Pecado. Be careful if you choose to land here, and get your weapons as soon as possible.
  • Ladriella – if you are looking to start slowly, head to Ladriella. Not many players land in this zone because you can only find some reliable SMGs, and the overall weapon quality is rather low. The good news is that you will probably have time to design your strategy for the session.

While weapons can play an integral role in your road to victory, it is also vital to know the terrain in detail. That is why you should check out this awesome desert map guide that can give you the edge over other players.

Where Can I Get Vehicles in Miramar?

If you believe that vehicles can be the key to victory, you will want to know the locations where you can find them. These are the areas where you have the best odds of encountering a vehicle:

  • El Pozo – take the road to this town on foot, and the chances are you will quickly encounter a vehicle to speed up your travel.
  • Los Leones – you probably won’t find a spot with more vehicles on this desert map. A huge number of vehicles will appear in the middle of the session.
  • Torre Ahunada – it is another very popular area where you can find different vehicle types.
  • San Martin – if you know where the Water Treatment is, head to that location right away. The chances are you will find a cool vehicle soon.

Which Drop Zone Should Beginners Pick in Miramar?

Finally, allow us to recommend several drop zones ideal for those playing this map for the first time:

  • Alcantara – it may be the safest place at the beginning of a session, but make sure to move fast because you need to stay in the Play Zone.
  • Impala – a beautiful town where you don’t have a high risk of losing your life at the start of a match.
  • La Cobreria – similar to Alcantara, it is located at the edge of the map. While it is low-risk, you should work quickly if you want to stand a chance later in the game.

Once you get enough experience, you can go for Hacienda Del Patron, Pecado, Los Leones, or Prison as your drop zones. These bring high risk, but also significant rewards.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.