Raphycool Photo Shoot Selfie Ring Light Review

I normally don’t take enough selfies that I thought I would benefit from a Selfie Ring light but I found this little ring light from Raphycool which clips onto your phone provides enough lighting to be useful in a variety of circumstances.  What is this Raphycool Ring Light you ask?  Well it is a circle of small LED lights on a clip that you clip onto your phone, it provides bright light so that you can take selfies in low light condition as almost all phones don’t include a flash on the selfie or front facing camera.  So this makes that front facing camera more usable when doing Facetime, Skype or any video chatting where you are in a dark room or have lighting problems.


You simply charge the LED ring light and then clip it onto your phone, it has several brightness settings and this Raphycool Selfie Ring Light gets very bright.


So bright in fact it can hurt your eyes if you are close to it and look directly at the LED’s, or at least it hurt my eyes looking at it.


So bright it causes lens flares practically when you take a picture of it close up! The Raphycool LED Ring Light also holds enough charge to provide power to your phone if your battery is almost dead.  I used it with my iPhone 6 and my Oukitel K4000 Lite and it worked perfectly to help provide some extra juice.  Plus it clips onto either phone front or back and does not impede the camera’s.

raphycool-4 raphycool-5

 The above 2 images compare two brightness levels and you can see just how bright this thing gets, it makes a good pocket flashlight when you travel with just your phone as well.  Now the only thing I would say about the product is that the color temperature is stark white and I think for doing selfies it could have used a warmer color temperature, when you hold your camera for a selfie you can only extend your arm so far and the light is so bright it does cast a white glow on your skin.  Still pictures are clearer and less grainy when you have a lot of illumination and this is especially true for the lower quality selfie camera’s which don’t have flash features on most phone models.

This also did a great job for lighting up products I needed to take photo’s of when I didn’t have my spot lamp handy, especially if you want to light something up for a macro shot with your phone.

Here is the video review of the Raphycool Selfie Ring Light

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